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Desktop Metal Studio Fleet

Low volume production, completely in-house.

Build a Fleet

Desktop Metal Studio Fleet™ is a custom-configurable solution for in-house metal 3D printing, supporting a range of low to mid-volume production applications. It leverages Studio System+ technology—including stackable shelving for batch processing—for the rapid production of complex metal parts. Built to scale, Studio Fleet can be configured to deliver 5x the throughput of the original three-part system for only twice the capital investment.

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Fleet Configurations

Studio System™

1 printer + 1 debinder + 1 furnace = 1x throughput

Studio Fleet Printer

Studio Fleet Printer

Studio Fleet Debinder

Studio Fleet Debinder

Studio Fleet Furnace

Studio Fleet Furnace

Studio Fleet (3x)
Studio Fleet (5x)
Studio fleet scale throughput

Scale throughput

Studio Fleet makes it easy for manufacturers to scale production for low to mid-volume runs—without the prohibitive costs associated with custom tooling or dedicated production facilities.

Desktop Metal debind and sinter in bulk

Throughput examples

  • 3:1:1 Configuration: With 3 printers + 1 debinder + 1 furnace, customers can realize a 200 percent increase in throughput for only a 50 percent increase in system cost.
  • 5:2:1 Configuration With 5 printers + 2 debinders + 1 furnace, users will be able to realize 400 percent increase in throughput for only a 100 percent increase in system cost.

Studio Fleet: Flexures Example

Often, flexures require comprehensive, multi-step manufacturing processes—including wire EDM, water jet, brazing, etc.—to achieve the desired geometry. The ability to iterate quickly and perform extensive testing is critical to ensuring part performance.

In-house metal 3D printing allows for the creation of complex geometries without impact on cost or time, as well as rapid iteration and testing at quantities needed for effective validation.

Production rate
Studio System+723123,744
Studio Fleet 3:1:121693611,232
Studio Fleet 5:2:13601,56018,720
Studio Fleet Fixture

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