Desktop or Industrial Grade
3D Printer?

How to make the right 3D Printing purchase

Desktop or Industrial Grade? What to know before investing in a 3D printer.

Get buying a 3D printer right the first time by understanding what industrial grade technology means and how it can make a positive impact for you.

We provide designers and manufacturers with industrial-grade 3D printers at a price that brings reliable 3D printing to the masses. The Stratasys F123 Series delivers industrial 3D printing durability, accuracy and precision to transform the desktop 3D printing game.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the F123 series advantages over desktop 3D printers on the market today:

F123 3D Printer Advantages

  • More materials and colours.
  • More options for slice heights and resolutions.
  • More build volume allowing for large complex parts or full trays of many small parts.
  • More ease of use with features like: automatic load of materials and calibration, easy print head replacement and more customer-replaceable parts.
  • Streamlined workflow with GrabCAD Print™
  • More economical, with a lower total cost of ownership


To achieve your goals, you need dependable tools with trouble-free reliability. That’s the sweet spot for the F123 Series. It just works. Run your print job overnight with peace of mind and fill the tray with as many parts as you need. You’ll have the results you want in the morning.

That’s the measure of dependability. With the material capacity for up to 250 hours of uninterrupted operation, print a few prototypes or print to scale. Whatever your requirements, the F123 Series delivers consistent, reliable performance.


The F123™ Series has proven consistent, repeatable results with easy plug-and-print performance. Constant temperature control means parts come out of the printer as designed – no curling or warping.

Temperature control also means parts can be printed with high density that is much closer to molded or machined parts which can be functionally tested for design verification. And the F123 uses industrial-grade parts, like durable motion control components, a high-strength steel frame, and servo motors, so it’s able to handle print job after print job.


Accuracy is one of the areas where the F123 series really shines. The 3D printers leverage decades long history of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM®) development and refinement, so it’s able to produce parts with an accuracy of +/- .200 mm (.008 in), or +/- .002 mm/mm (.002 in/in), whichever is greater.

With the F123 series, you’ll know your part will accurately mirror the dimensions of your CAD model, regardless of how many parts you need to print.

Smarter Prototyping with F123 Series

Your guide to being faster and more productive

Smarter 3d printer

Smarter Prototyping

This Stratasys Prototyping guide will show there’s never been a better time to invest in 3D printing, a fact made possible by the introduction of the Stratasys F123™ 3D Printer Series.

  • Learn how to eliminate barriers in rapid prototyping to achieve a better bottom line
  • Learn how 3D CAD software and 3D printing equipment work together to produce optimal results
  • Learn how multiple iterations lead to better designs
  • Learn about the cost effective 3D printing materials available with the F123 series
  • See examples of 3D printed parts from an F123 series printer

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