Introducing Easly: Current (and future!) Javelin clients can access SR&ED and grant financing on demand

Story by Karen Majerly on May 5, 2021

Access the working capital you need to fund the growth of your company through the new partnership between Javelin and Easly.

Research and development (R&D) work is expensive, and the revenue it generates is often unpredictable. The 3D CAD software tools you need to design, test, and iterate quickly might stretch your budget, yet are critical to your productivity and success. To confidently use those tools to their maximum potential, you’ll need to invest in top-notch specialized training.

Easly’s Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) financing platform addresses cash management needs for innovative companies of all sizes that participate in the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. Through this program, the federal government provides refunds of 35% on SR&ED eligible expenses and provincial governments offer additional refunds of up to 30%. Training, such as the specialized live courses Javelin provides to improve technical knowledge, as well as R&D projects, are SR&ED eligible.

Receive your reimbursement faster through Easly’s Capital-as-a-Service financing platform. Their CaaS platform was uniquely designed to addresses cash management needs of innovative companies of all sizes that participate in the SR&ED program.

Predictable, year-round capital

Although the SR&ED program is a valuable asset to Canadian businesses, it has one major drawback – the refund frequency is annual, and it can take months for companies to receive payment after they’ve submitted their annual claim.

Businesses require capital throughout the year to keep driving forward. That’s where Easly comes in – by providing them access to their SR&ED refund when they need it most. Predictable, on demand installments allow companies to better manage cash flow and confidently budget long-term.

Easly’s funding is non-dilutive, helping businesses accelerate their growth while retaining the equity they’ve worked hard to build. The free online application process is streamlined, making accessing capital a smooth process.

 A winning strategy for Damon Motorcycles

Javelin client Damon Motorcycles, based in BC, is also a client of Easly. The tech experts at Damon are building electric motorcycles from the ground up with unprecedented safety technology and rider comfort.

“Easly gives us financial options at a rate and frequency that small technology companies absolutely need,” said Dom Kwong, Damon’s Co-Founder & CTO. “We now use Easly’s quarterly draws as part of our financial model. It’s not about survival. It’s about strategy.”

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