Eaton Corporation: Rapid tooling and MRO parts for an automotive supplier

Founded in 1911, the Eaton Corporation is a worldwide leader in power management solutions spanning a diverse range of markets, from aerospace to mining to healthcare to automotive.

With more than 97,000 employees, they do business in 175 countries around the globe and boasts annual revenues of more than $21 billion.

Rapid tooling and parts challenge

Part of Eaton’s Industrial Sector, the Vehicle Group produces a wide array of parts intended to improve the overall efficiency, performance and power of everything from passenger cars to commercial vehicles.

Like many other automotive suppliers, Eaton needs to minimize the downtime on their manufacturing lines in order to keep up with the rapid iteration in vehicle design and the massive, world-wide demand for parts.

In addition to tooling and fixturing for mass production, Eaton also produces one-off, custom solutions for customers around the globe.

For Eaton, the question was twofold: How can they quickly re-tool manufacturing lines to reduce downtime, and how can they develop and prototype custom parts for unique transportation challenges? To find answers, Eaton engineers turned to Desktop Metal and the Studio System™.

Download a copy of the e-book containing a full report on how Eaton used the Studio System to improve efficiencies and save money.

The e-book includes examples and cost savings for several parts in each category below:

  • Gripping components
  • Testing fixtures
  • Tooling components
  • Replacement parts

About Desktop Metal Studio System

The Desktop Metal Studio System is a three-part solution that automates metal 3D printing. Tightly integrated through Desktop Metal’s cloud-based software, it delivers a seamless workflow for printing complex metal parts in-house—from digital file to sintered part.

Contact us to talk to an expert and learn how Desktop Metal 3D printers can help provide rapid tooling and fixture solutions.

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