Eliminating barriers to 3D print shop success with Fab Flow software

Wednesday, July 17 2019 Online 1:00 PM ET

There are many unique challenges that come with running an additive manufacturing shop. Price quoting, determining printability and order tracking are just some examples of the manual, time-consuming and error prone tasks shops struggle with.

Rick Chin

In this webinar, Rick Chin, creator of Desktop Metal’s Fab Flow software will discuss some of the common frustrations that 3D print shops experience and how Fab Flow can help solve them.


About Fab Flow™ Software

Fab flow provides effortless workflow management for 3D print / additive fabrication shops. Fab Flow moves job tracking out of spreadsheets and emails into one centralized platform — streamlining workflows and giving your shop a professional interface.

  • Efficiency: Fab Flow eliminates false starts and wasted time with automatic print issue detection and collaborative design communication tools.
  • Control: Managers can regain control of shop operations with customizable price quoting, bespoke fabrication flows, and a fully branded user experience.
  • Visibility: Live floor tracking allows managers to view job progress, identify underutilized resources and avoid backlogs while designers can track parts in real time.

Date and Time

Wednesday, July 17 2019

1:00 PM ET



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