Unlocking the Potential of Embedded Functionality with 3D Printing

How are industry leaders using 3D printers to change the face of the pharmaceutical industry, preventing counterfeiting with blockchain in high-fashion, and creating traceable product lines?

The digital nature of 3D printing allows for the precise positioning of multiple materials at the micron-scale, enabling embedded part intelligence and functionality.

3D Printing Functionality

A self-assembling 3D printed part, made possible with embedded functionality.

In this brief on-demand webinar, Senior Innovation Consultant Oliver Smith demonstrates how additive manufacturing is driving the emergence of “embedded functionality” within 3D printed parts and products.

From 3D printed electronics with counterfeit protection, shape-changing apparel, to new-age pharmaceutical delivery, explore how a layer-wise 3D printing approach to manufacturing is allowing some entrepreneurial designers to rethink how products behave, function and interact with the world in a more intelligent way.


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