Exploring xSheetMetal on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

With the advent of cloud based parts, who’s to say sheet metal parts are to be left out? Sheet metal parts play an important role in many industries, and with xSheetMetal, you can design sheet metal parts, include them in assemblies and produce a flat pattern for production.

TriMech Process and Training Consultant, Nicole Spandley, explores creating some sheet metal flanges, first with traditional means of defining parameters and flanges, then moving on to managing the flat pattern and converting both a surface and a solid to sheet metal by thickening and identifying bend edges. Get ready to create that DXF and get to cutting!

Featured in this 3DEXPERIENCE on-demand webinar

In this on-demand webinar, Nicole discusses:

  • Explore the xSheetMetal user interface
  • Define sheet metal parameters such as Thickness, Bend Radius and Bend Allowance/K-factor
  • Use sketch geometry to create different flange types
  • Convert some preexisting geometry to sheet metal parts
  • Finally produce the flat pattern and DXF

About The Presenter

Nicole Spandley – Process and Training Consultant

Nicole has 4+ years of SOLIDWORKS experience, is a CSWP and has a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in Process Improvement. Before joining TriMech, she spent time conducting standardized and custom physical and analytical testing for ceramic tile, natural stone and other installation products. She specializes in SOLIDWORKS training, providing technical support and teaching other engineers how to use the software.



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