Data capture without part preparation

A modular system for data capture without part preparation

Fast, intuitive and highly precise

The modular ZEISS T-SCAN system is your fast way forward: Capture 3D data without any part preparation. Its perfectly matched components – the hand-held T-SCAN laser scanner, the optical tracking system T-TRACK and the touch probe T-POINT – form an intuitive and highly precise 3D metrology solution. In combination with the software GOM Inspect, it reaches a new dimension in coordinate measuring technology.

T-SCAN 10 capabilities

A modular all-in-one concept

The modular all-in-one concept and complete Laser scanning solution offers maximum flexibility for a large variety of applications and surfaces.

Early detection of deviations

Save time and money: This mobile measuring solution can be used on the shop floor and allows a very intuitive way to analyze, measure and obtain a digital twin.

A guided software workflow

The system T-SCAN is equipped with the software GOM Inspect Suite. See progress on the monitor in real time and get guided through scanning, probing and inspection.

A mobile measuring room for intuitive 3D data capturing

Capture 3D data without any part preparation. The modular T-SCAN System form an intuitive and highly precise 3D metrology solution.


  • Quality control and inspection
    • Nominal-actual CAD-to-part comparison
    • Boundary edge extraction of sheet metal parts
    • Inspection of complex welded structures
    • Shop floor inspection
  • Tool and mold making
    • Tool reconstruction
    • Scan data for machining path generation
    • Actual capture following tool approval
    • Capture of complex component dynamics, e.g. during a clamping procedure
  • Product development and design
    • High dynamic range to scan all kinds of surfaces
    • Scanning of design models for CAD downstream processing and documentation
    • Gauge and fixture setup
    • Fast capture of reference geometries and specified areas

ZEISS T-SCAN 10 Features

Simplify your entire workflow from scanning to evaluation and reporting


Fast and highly precise 3D scanning

Outstanding technical features, e. g. the high dynamic range for scanning of various object surfaces, innovative camera technology and high quality ZEISS optics as well as a fast data rate, allow for a smooth scanning process and precise measuring results.

ZEISS T-SCAN 10 operation ZEISS Scanners

Dynamic referencing

Capture 3D data with high precision, even on moving objects – with the dynamic referencing function you perform your measurements independently of component movements and difficult ambient conditions, including vibrations.

3D Scanning a mold

Likes a big challenge

  • Ideal for very large or heavy object scanning
  • Enhanced precision for even larger objects
  • Built-in photogrammetry
  • Highly reliable results
ZEISS T-SCAN 10 modular

Optical tracking for small and large volumes

Combine a hand-held T-SCAN laser scanner with the optical tracking system of your choice: the established T-TRACK 20 for large measuring volumes of up to 20 m³ – or the new T-TRACK 10 for a smaller measuring volume of up to 10 m³ and higher accuracy.


Check the T-SCAN and T-TRACK Specs

ZEISS T-SCAN hand-held laser scanner

Measurement depth+/- 50 mm
Line widthup to 125 mm
Mean working distance150 mm
Line frequencyup to 330 Hz
Data rate210,000 points/second
Poids1100 g
Sensor dimensions (incl. handle and IR pins)300 x 170 x 150 mm
Longueur du câble10 m
Mean point distance0.075 mm
Laser class (IEC 60825-1:2014)Class 2M (eye-safe)
LogicielGOM Inspect Suite


ModèleT-TRACK 10T-TRACK 20
Measuring distance: object-camera2.0 m – 4.50 m2.0 m – 6.0 m
Measuring volume10 m320 m3
Field of viewUp to 2894 mm x 2324 mmup to 3200 mm x 2500 mm
Measuring rateUp to 2.8 kHzUp to 2.8 kHz
Poids18,5 kg18,5 kg
Dimensions1150 x 180 x 150 mm1150 x 180 x 150 mm
LogicielGOM Inspect SuiteGOM Inspect Suite
Traceable accuracyOuiOui
Précision 0.033 mm + 0.033 mm/m 0.04 mm + 0.04 mm/m


Les scanners 3D de GOM sont utilisés dans une grande variété d'applications industrielles

Ingénierie inverse

Conception et fabrication industrielles

Sciences médicales et sciences de la vie

Science et éducation

Art et design

  • Conception du produit
  • Personnalisation
  • Documentation 3D
  • Rétroingénierie
  • Contrôle de la qualité
  • Prototypage rapide
  • Aérospatiale
  • Orthopédie
  • Prothèses
  • Chirurgie plastique
  • Fauteuils roulants sur mesure
  • Recherche
  • Formation
  • Musées en ligne
  • Préservation du patrimoine
  • Architecture
  • CGI
  • Mode


Logiciel révolutionnaire de numérisation 3D et de traitement des données

Logiciel GOM Inspect

ZEISS T-SCAN operates with GOM Inspect, the well-established standard in 3D metrology. Powerful mesh editing functions make it an ideal tool for 3D printing and reverse engineering.

De plus, vous pouvez traiter sans effort des tâches simples et complexes tout au long de votre processus d'inspection. Un logiciel pour simplifier et accélérer votre flux de travail.

Modular Scanning Process

Combine a hand-held T-SCAN laser scanner with the optical tracking system of your choice



For single point measurements on object areas. trimmed edges and standard geometries or optically hard-to-reach areas. The device can be used with conventional measuring probes which can be replaced easily and quickly.



To assist in scanning larger parts measuring volume 10 m3 and parts of up to 2.5 m



For capturing larger parts measuring volume 20 m3, and for parts of up to 4 m

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