Démystifier l'intégration ERP avec DriveWorks

Companies who implement DriveWorks want to automate as much as possible.

Their automation goals often include:

  • Pulling data automatically from the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to DriveWorks, such as customer information or item pricing, and use the ERP database as the main repository and avoid storing the same information in two different systems.
  • Pushing data automatically from DriveWorks to the ERP system in order to avoid manual data entry after their drawings and BOMs are read for release to production.

Watch the on-demand webinar as TriMech Application Consultant, Paul Paszkowski, explores how DriveWorks can be integrated with ERP systems. We introduce you to what you can integrate, how the process works, and present some of the mechanics of interacting with an ERP system through a web service using REST calls.

Au cours de ce webinaire à la demande, vous apprendrez :

  • What you can integrate between DriveWorks and an ERP system
  • Integration methods
  • What web service/REST request interactions look like
  • Implementation examples/strategies

Ce webinaire sur la solution TriMech est présenté par :

Paul Paszkowski – Application Consultant, DriveWorks

Paul is a DriveWorks Application Consultant working out of Calgary, Alberta. He has a mechanical engineering design background with 15+ years of experience with SOLIDWORKS and 10+ years of experience as a certified DriveWorks professional. He finds great satisfaction in helping companies with design automation and product configuration. And if you’re wondering, you pronounce his last name like: PASS-the-COW-on-SKIs.

Solution en vedette


Le logiciel DriveWorks est utilisé pour l'automatisation de la conception et la configuration des ventes par des entreprises de toutes tailles.

Libérer les ingénieurs concepteurs des tâches de conception répétitives, améliorer la qualité des produits et réduire les erreurs.


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