SOLIDWORKS 2023 Conception de formes avec 3D Sculptor


Products today have more style and complexity than ever, but turning design ideas and concepts into functional CAD models can be difficult with traditional modeling tools.

See how the powerful subdivision modeling capabilities of 3D Sculptor help you complete your design work quickly and easily, on any connected device. 3D Sculptor is built around the xShape modeling application, which takes a simpler, freeform approach that unlocks endless design possibilities.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 3D Sculptor Highlights

  • Sub-D Primitives: Create initial sub-d bodies and surfaces that can be sculpted into desired shape
  • Robot Manipulator: Translate, rotate, and scale sub-d elements with the robot manipulator
  • Add Control Edges/Points: Add or remove edges, and subdivide faces for more localized control
  • Crease: Add sharp edges to the sub-d
  • Align: Align sub-D elements to each other, sketches, other model geometry, or sketch a curve on screen
  • Symmetry: Automatically mirror changes about the selected plane
  • Extrude: Add more material to the sub-d
  • Net Surface: Create sub-D surfaces based on sketches and curves already set up in the model
  • Working Zone: Isolate specific areas of the active sub-d
  • Multi-Body Sub-D Modeling: Leverage multiple sub-d bodies and surfaces
  • Parametric Features: Use features from either xDesign or SOLIDWORKS desktop to add parametric details
  • Built-In Data Management: Organize revisions, properties, and lifecycle status of designs

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