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SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 saves time previewing SOLIDWORKS® files by accessing all eDrawings features from within Windows Explorer. Enhancements to Web2 allow you to view even more 3D formats and data cards directly from a web browser. Improved content readability helps you quickly understand the scope of operations.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 Highlights

SOLIDWORKS® PDM is offered in two versions. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium, and is available as a separately purchased license for non-SOLIDWORKS users. It offers standard data management capabilities for a small number of users.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is a full-featured data management solution for a small and large number of users, and is available as a separately purchased license.

  • Integration with Microsoft Windows Active Directory: With improved integration with Microsoft® Windows Active Directory, you have more options to manage users and groups that use Windows login.
  • Improved Content Readability: Improve content readability to quickly understand the scope of a performed operation.
    • View the count of files affected by an operation in the enhanced Check-In, Check-Out, Undo Check-Out, Change State, Get, and Rollback dialogs.
    • Resize columns in the variables area in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Task Pane.
  • Configuration Handling: SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 offers more control over configurations.
    • Configure the display of configurations in data cards. (Show only @ configuration, Hide @ Configuration, or Show all configurations.)
    • Add a shortcut to easily switch between display modes and configure modes for specific groups or users.
    • Configure data cards so that the default variable value gets assigned to @ configuration only.
  • Viewing Configurations for All Versions in the Where Used Tab: You can view configurations of part or assembly files when you select All Versions in the Where Used tab.
  • Exporting Archive Server and User Logs: You can export a summary of archive server and user logs in multiple file formats.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM User Interface Enhancements: The SOLIDWORKS PDM user interface has improvements that enhance usability and readability.
  • Using EXALEAD OnePart Search in SOLIDWORKS PDM: EXALEAD OnePart Search is now integrated in SOLIDWORKS PDM.
  • SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Viewer in the Preview Tab: All of the view functions in eDrawings® Viewer are available in the Preview tab of SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer.
    • Access all eDrawings® features from within Microsoft® File Explorer.
    • Switch from a bitmap image to an eDrawings 3D model using a new Load Preview button.
    • Use the markup icon that indicates if annotations are available for this file
  • Support for Neutral CAD File Formats in eDrawings Web Preview: In SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2, you can open and view neutral file formats for eDrawings WebGL.
  • Opening a Drawing from the SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-In: In the SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-in, you can open a drawing of a SOLIDWORKS part or assembly file.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Performance Improvements: With SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022, you can experience improved performance of many file-based operations.
  • Additional File Format Support Using Web2: Enjoy support for additional file types, including STEP, IGES, STL, Parasolid®, ACIS®, and JT in eDrawings Viewer when using SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2.
  • Web2 Data Cards: SOLIDWORKS PDM offers more ways to configure the layout of the data card for Web2 and improve the readability of your data.
  • Resizing an Image in a Data Card: In the Administration tool, you can resize an image on a data card by dragging the control handles.
  • Other SOLIDWORKS PDM Enhancements: SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 has new APIs and other improvements.
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