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Welded structures are common in industrial design, but creating a weldment frame one component at a time is extremely time-consuming. The SOLIDWORKS Structural System command makes the construction of complex structures a breeze and saves you time in your 3D designs.

TriMech Process and Training Consultant Lynette Proch discusses her favorite tricks you will see when using these features in SOLIDWORKS Weldments. She demonstrates how custom properties are made and how to create your own custom profiles to add to your SOLIDWORKS libraries.

Featured in this On-demand SOLIDWORKS Weldments Webinar

Lynette covers:

  • Understanding weldments
  • 3D sketching tips and tricks
  • Creating custom weldment profiles
  • Using the structural system

À propos du présentateur

Lynette Proch, Process and Training Consultant- Application Solutions

Lynette worked in the manufacturing field with CAD products and PDM systems for over 12 years before joining TriMech as a Process and Training Consultant early in 2021. She’s worked in multiple engineering departments in different industries ranging from firearms, to lock systems, to custom gages. Those years of experience gave her great insight into how different products are designed, developed, and manufactured which she now brings to the table now when working with SOLIDWORKS clients.

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