FDM Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber

Production-grade Thermoplastic

FDM Nylon 12CF™ is a carbon-filled thermoplastic with excellent structural characteristics. The material is comprised of a blend of Nylon 12 resin and chopped carbon fiber, at a loading of 35% by weight.

This combination produces one of the strongest thermoplastics in the FDM® material portfolio. It has the highest flexural strength of any FDM thermoplastic, resulting in the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio.

FDM Nylon 12CF is available on the Fortus 450mc™ and Stratasys F900™ 3D Printers and is compatible with SR-110™ support material.

FDM Nylon 12CF Material Properties

Behaviour and use


63.4 MPa (XZ Axis)
28.9 MPa (ZX Axis)


7515 MPa (XZ Axis)
2300 MPa (ZX Axis)

HDT @ 66 PSI

143 °C


85 J/m (XZ Axis)
21.4 J/m (ZX Axis)

Main Uses

3D printing with carbon fiber material lets you build strong, stiff, lightweight tools and parts. FDM Nylon 12CF combine nylon 12 and carbon fibers to achieve the highest flexural strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio of any of the Stratasys FDM materials.

Top Applications
  • Manufacturing aids and tooling
  • Production parts
  • Functional prototypes
  • Lightweight tooling

Nylon Materials Profile

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Appropriate uses include strong but lightweight tooling applications and functional prototypes in the aerospace, automotive, industrial and recreational manufacturing industries.

FDM Material Applications

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FDM Nylon 12CF Specification & Features

Mechanical Properties Test Method XZ Axis ZX Axis
Tensile Strength, Yield (Type 1, 0.125”, 0.2”/min) ASTM D638 63 Mpa (9,190 psi) 28 Mpa (4,170 psi)
Tensile Strength, Ultimate (Type 1, 0.125”, 0.2”/min) ASTM D638 76 Mpa (10,960 psi) 34 Mpa (4,990 psi)
Tensile Modulus (Type 1, 0.125”, 0.2”/min) ASTM D638 7.6 Gpa (1,100 ksi) 2.3 Gpa (330 ksi)
Tensile Elongation at Break (Type 1, 0.125”, 0.2”/min) ASTM D638 1.90% 1.20%
Tensile Elongation at Yield (Type 1, 0.125”, 0.2”/min) ASTM D638 0.90% 1.10%
Flexural Strength (Method 1, 0.05”/min) ASTM D790 142 Mpa (20,660 psi) 58 Mpa (8,430 psi)
Flexural Modulus (Method 1, 0.05”/min) ASTM D790 10.3 Gpa (1,500 ksi) 2.07 Gpa (300 ksi)
Flexural Strain at Break (Method 1, 0.05”/min) ASTM D790 3% 3%
IZOD Impact, notched (Method A, 23 °C) ASTM D256 85 J/m (1.6 ft-lb/in) 21 J/m (0.4 ft-lb/in)
IZOD Impact, un-notched (Method A, 23 °C) ASTM D256 307 J/m (5.8 ft-lb/in) 85 J/m (1.6 ft-lb/in)
Compression Strength, Ultimate (Method 1, 0.050 in./min) ASTM D695-15 67 Mpa (9,670 psi) 92 Mpa (13,310 psi)
Compression Modulus (Method 1, 0.050 in./min) ASTM D695-15 2.7 Gpa (387 ksi) 2.2 Mpa (314 ksi)


Thermal Properties Test Method Value
Heat Deflection (HDT) @ 264 psi ASTM D648 143 °C (289 °F)
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) ASTM D7426-08 41 °C (105 °F)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (flow) at 104 °F (40 °C) ASTM E831 25 μm/(m·°C) (14 μin/(in·°F))
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (flow) at 212 °F (100 °C) ASTM E831 27 μm/(m·°C) (15 μin/(in·°F))
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (xflow) at 104 °F (40 °C) ASTM E831 150 μm/(m·°C) (83 μin/(in·°F))
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (xflow) at 212 °F (100 °C) ASTM E831 300 μm/(m·°C) (167 μin/(in·°F))


Electrical Properties Test Method Value
Volume Resistivity ASTM D257  1.4*105 - 1.01*106 Ω-cm
Surface Resistivity ASTM D257  3.3*104 - 6.9*105 Ω/sq


Other Test Method Value
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 1.15


System Availability Layer Thickness Capability Support Structure Available Colours
Fortus 450mc 0.010” Soluble Black
Stratasys F900 0.010” Soluble Black

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology

Advantages of 3D printing FDM Nylon 12CF with a Stratasys FDM Machine

Tough long-lasting parts

FDM technology works with engineering-grade thermoplastics to build strong, long-lasting and dimensionally stable parts with the best accuracy and repeatability of any 3D printing technology. FDM Nylon 12CF parts are tough enough to be used as advanced conceptual models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and production parts.

Meet production demands

FDM systems are as versatile and durable as the parts they produce. Advanced FDM 3D Printers boast the largest build envelopes and material capacities in their class, delivering longer, uninterrupted build times, bigger parts and higher quantities than other additive manufacturing systems, delivering high throughput, duty cycles and utilization rates.

Gain new possibilities

FDM 3D Printers streamline processes from design through manufacturing, reducing costs and eliminating traditional barriers along the way. Industries can cut lead times and costs, products turn out better and get to market faster.

Compatible 3D Printers

Stratasys Machines that can print with FDM Nylon 12CF material

Fortus 380mc

Fortus 450mc

A workhorse 3D printer for engineers that require demanding flexibility to print larger-sized or many parts in an array of engineering-grade materials with high speed and unfailing throughput.

Stratasys F900 Production Machine

Stratasys F900

The Stratasys F900 is the ultimate manufacturing-grade production 3D printer with the widest array of engineering-grade materials, maximum throughput, largest build platform, and highest accuracy.

Need to 3D print with FDM Nylon 12CF?

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