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3D Design & 3D Printing Automotive Industry Overview
July 14, 2022 Online2:00 PM ET

Webinar Series: The Future of Automotive: Shifting from Traditional to Additive Manufacturing

Don’t miss this series of four webinars hosted by Stratasys which will explore the advantages of utilizing additive manufacturing to support vehicle production and the creation end-use automotive components. On July 14th, Fadi Abro, Director of Automotive Business at Stratasys, will share his extensive knowledge and insights on 3D printing applications for transportation. He will…

3D Fashion
July 21, 2022 Online12:00 PM ET

Advanced Prototyping and Manufacturing with Stratasys 3D Printing on Textile Technology

Stratasys’ revolutionary 3D Fashion technology is challenging the status quo of what we can expect from Additive Manufacturing. Personalization, supply chain challenges, and speed to market have all accelerated in today’s environment creating an opportunity to leverage AM technology. In this webinar, we’ll explore the unlimited possibilities of 3D printing on textile in the product…

RadioMatrix 3D Printing Material
August 4, 2022 Online11:00 AM ET

Introducing RadioMatrix – First of Its Kind 3D Printing Radiopaque Material

3D printing applications for healthcare are rapidly expanding. The use of visual, functional, and diagnostic models is reshaping how surgeons plan for complex procedures, speeding up the medical device process for manufacturers, and expanded training and simulation methods. Stratasys recently announced the release of the RadioMatrix, a new material that allows users to easily customize…