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In SOLIDWORKS, drawings are the main way we communicate our designs and take them from the design phase to actual production. Although there are some initiatives moving toward a drawingless environment, most clients will still rely on drawings. Are you familiar with all the different ways you can work with drawings in SOLIDWORKS?

TriMech Process and Training Consultant, Lynette Proch, takes you through a variety of tips and tricks that you may have not known about before. Lynette shows you how to create neater drawings quickly by using tools such as Auto Arrange Dimensions and Rapid Dimensions, as well as talk about adding Geometric Tolerancing to your views to preview changes made to some of these features in SOLIDWORKS 2022. She will also review what Detailing Mode is and how it can help you with documenting your large assemblies that are possibly affected by long loading times.

Featured in this SOLIDWORKS drawings on-demand webinar

In this webinar, Lynette discusses:

  • Auto Arrange Dimensions & Rapid Dimension
  • Geometric Tolerance Blocks
  • Flag Note Bank
  • Bill of Materials (BOMs)
  • Detailing Mode

À propos du présentateur

Lynette Proch Process and Training Consultant – Application Solutions

Lynette worked in the manufacturing field with CAD products and PDM systems for over 12 years before joining TriMech as an Application Engineer early in 2021. She’s worked in multiple engineering departments in different industries ranging from firearms, to lock systems, to custom gages. Those years of experience gave her great insight into how different products are designed, developed, and manufactured which she now brings to the table now when working with Solidworks clients.


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