Bringing Furniture Accessory Products to Market Faster with SOLIDWORKS

Samet leveraged SOLIDWORKS software to shorten time-to-market and support the continuing growth of their furniture accessory product design business.

SAMET A.Ş. manufactures the leading brand of furniture accessories in Turkey, with a product line totaling more than 3,000 furniture accessories and components. Founded in Istanbul in 1973, the company has grown dramatically since its inception and now has more than 500 distribution centers across Turkey, as well as exports to more than 100 countries. Inspired by the slogan “The Soul of Furniture,” SAMET is committed to leveraging the most up-to-date and emerging product development technologies to develop new products and drive business growth.

The company’s commitment to technology led to its early adoption of 3D in 1998, when SAMET replaced the Vector Graphics® 2D design software that it had used with the SOLIDWORKS® 3D mechanical design system. According to R&D Machine Design/Production Manager Beytullah Kiran, SAMET has periodically added other integrated SOLIDWORKS solutions as its requirements change and additional capabilities are needed.

“By keeping our SOLIDWORKS applications up-to-date with SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services, we enjoy continuing time and cost savings, as well as improvements in quality and innovation.”

— Beytullah Kiran, R&D Machine Design/Production Manager

In addition to SOLIDWORKS mechanical design and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional software, SAMET uses SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Professional electrical design, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional analysis, SOLIDWORKS Composer™ technical communication, and DraftSight® 2D design software. “Our experience using integrated SOLIDWORKS solutions, through which we are continually able to save time and money while improving quality and increasing innovation, compels us to look to the SOLIDWORKS family of solutions whenever we need additional capabilities.”

Gaining value through SOLIDWORKS Subscription

SAMET has also chosen to keep its SOLIDWORKS solutions up-to-date by maintaining them through SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services, which provides automatic upgrades, live technical support, free certification exams, and logins to the SOLIDWORKS customer portal and user portal. “We are developing three to five new products, 120 to 150 new mold and die designs, and 50 custom application machines every year,” Kiran stresses.

Advanced development with PDM

Since implementing the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional system, SAMET has realized important productivity gains, resulting in a 30 percent improvement in product time-to-market. The SOLIDWORKS design environment also enables the furniture accessories manufacturer to communicate and collaborate more effectively with customers and colleagues in 3D.

Lift hinge design

Modeling and testing their lift hinge design reduced physical prototyping

“Our efficiency in R&D and product development using SOLIDWORKS makes us 30 percent faster in bringing products to market,” Kiran says. “We also utilize fewer prototypes, which saves money. We used to make three to five prototypes. Now we make one or two. Working in SOLIDWORKS, we save a lot of time and also see reductions in some of our costs, like prototyping.”

Creating product and documentation faster

New product development at SAMET increasingly involves input from existing customers and the company’s sales and marketing team. SAMET engineers can respond more quickly to these requests through faster development in SOLIDWORKS, as well as faster development of user manuals, parts catalogs, and product documentation with SOLIDWORKS Composer technical communication software.

“We receive demands from customers and marketing for new products, and we need to make a determination of what’s feasible,” Kiran explains.

“With SOLIDWORKS, we not only can assess the viability of a new concept faster but also can develop the product and associated documentation in less time. Our documentation group, which develops user manuals, catalogs, and product documentation, can produce these items in 40 percent less time by using integrated SOLIDWORKS Composer software.”

Featured Solution:


Samet Adopted the SOLIDWORKS 3D product development system:

Including SOLIDWORKS mechanical design, SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Professional electrical design, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional analysis, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional product data management, SOLIDWORKS Composer technical communication, and DraftSight 2D design software—and maintenance with SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service.


  • Shortened product time-to-market by 30 percent
  • Reduced number of prototypes by 50 to 60 percent
  • Cut user manual/documentation preparation time by 40 percent
  • Facilitated collaboration and interaction with customers

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