How much will GrabCAD Shop software save my 3D Printing business?

Stratasys launched a new product back in late 2019 called GrabCAD Shop. The idea was simple. Stratasys wanted to build a solution to make the 3D printing work order management process better— less manual, more integrated, and more cost effective.

Now, GrabCAD Shop is the only 3D printing work order management software on the market. It’s the only solution built specifically for 3D print shops. It’s proven to streamline 3D printing workflows, easy to set up with little to no IT involvement, and secure.

Despite all that, we still get questions like this:

How much will GrabCAD Shop really save me?

There are several ways GrabCAD Shop can save you both time and money — but if you’re here, you’re probably not convinced yet. If that’s the case, this guide is for you.

Download the white paper to learn the four biggest ways GrabCAD Shop can save you:

  1. GrabCAD Shop saves you time.
  2. GrabCAD Shop helps you cut material costs
  3. GrabCAD Shop lowers your risk when 3D printing patented products
  4. GrabCAD Shop is more cost effective than other management solutions

After reading the guide you’ll realize how the cost and savings of this Stratasys software beats other work order management ‘solutions’.

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