Health Care Manufacturers Overcome the Challenges of a Quickly Evolving Market with SOLIDWORKS

See how greater automation, integration, and collaboration lead to time savings, cost reductions, improved quality, and increased innovation for health care manufacturers.

To deliver the medical discoveries, improved quality, and health care innovation required to satisfy growing patient expectations for improved experiences and outcomes, health care companies are embracing automation through smart product development and manufacturing.

Read this white paper to learn how leading manufacturers in this dynamic industry are deploying SOLIDWORKS Solutions to overcome the challenges of the health care/life sciences market.

Learn how implementing SOLIDWORKS Solutions helped these companies:

  • Collaborate more efficiently
  • Develop more innovative products
  • Define new business models
  • Seize emerging market opportunities
  • Deliver the improved experiences and outcomes that patients now demand

Download the White Paper now to discover how SOLIDWORKS product development tools can help manufacturers of medical devices and equipment turn challenges into opportunities.

Using SOLIDWORKS for medical manufacture

Javelin SOLIDWORKS Technology solutions enables companies in the medical and life sciences industries to design regulatory-compliant medical breakthroughs.

Our solutions allow medical designers to:

  • Design Concepts and Product Definition
    • SOLIDWORKS® provides easy-to-use surface modeling capabilities allowing you to create high-quality ergonomic surfaces that give your products a cutting-edge design while ensuring it is robust, fit-for-purpose, and can be manufactured.
  • Virtual Test and Manufacture
    • Prototyping and testing prior to trials is a regulatory requirement. Medical product developers need access to the latest virtual prototyping technologies and manufacturing software to produce prototypes.
  • Document Regulatory Compliance
    • Reduce the time and expense required to manage, archive, and track design documentation and cost-effectively automate documentation to securely archive and organize multiple versions of projects.

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