How to Reduce Manufacturing Costs with 3D Printing

As a manufacturer, you are always looking for ways to reduce your manufacturing costs. The latest solution you may be considering is 3D printing / additive manufacturing. In this white paper learn how 3D printing reduces manufacturing cost with the latest materials and techniques.

Why you should consider 3D printing to reduce costs

To help you assess your current assumptions about the impact 3D printing can have on manufacturing, consider the following questions:

  1. How much would your production efficiency increase and costs decrease with more effective and quickly replaceable tools and manufacturing aids?
  2. Would the adoption of high-performance materials provide new opportunities to decrease cost by replacing metal parts and/or tools with lighter yet strong 3D printed alternatives?
  3. How much would functional rapid prototyping with high-strength materials decrease your product development cycle and how much would that decrease your costs and accelerate time to revenue?

If you’ve tried 3D printing with desktop printers, have you assessed their true cost in terms of reliability, repeatability and build quality, in comparison to 3D printers designed for manufacturing?

The reality is that Stratasys FDM® 3D printing technology provides easy, effective solutions for the typical challenges manufacturers face every day:

  • Reducing manufacturing cost
  • Improving production efficiency
  • Minimizing lead times and delays

This white paper will highlight examples of these solutions and show you how small to large manufacturers benefit from 3D printing technology.

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