How to Scan Multiple Parts with multiple ZEISS GOM 3D Scanners

In this demonstration video learn how to use ZEISS GOM scanners to 3D scan multiple parts at the same time with one of the larger measuring volumes.

Precise Industrial 3D Metrology

GOM develops, produces and distributes 3D measuring systems based on innovative technologies and latest research results. By continuously developing software and hardware, GOM constantly sets gold standards in industrial metrology.

The product portfolio comprises software, machines and systems for manual and automated 3D digitization.

Today, more than 17,000 system installations accelerate and improve product development and manufacturing processes for international companies in industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy and consumer goods, for their suppliers as well as for many research institutes and universities.

Industrial 3D Scanning Technology

The ATOS series of industrial non-contact 3D scanners using structured blue light deliver precise scans with detailed resolution at high speed. ATOS was developed with advanced hardware and intelligent software for repeatable and precise measurements.

ATOS sensors are designed as flexible 3D scanners for complex measuring and inspection tasks in different industries.

GOM ScanCobot is an easy-to-use entry-level solution for automated 3D metrology, giving the metrologist more time for data evaluation and problem analysis.

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ZEISS GOM ATOS Q 3D scanner is reliable and versatile, perfectly suited for complex measurement and inspection tasks.

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