How to Work Together with Cloud Collaboration Tools

Storing, managing, and collaborating on product design data is a challenge that every product development company faces. With many more teams working remotely, the question becomes, “How can we securely centralize our data, improve collaboration, and design concurrently while maintaining our design tool of choice?”

Watch this demo to learn how startup Square Robot addressed and overcame these challenges by adopting the cloud-based data management and collaboration tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS portfolio.

Square Robot found it easier to communicate with one another about key strategic changes, design flaws and challenges, and much more via the cloud-based collaboration solution; Collaborative Designer. Square Robot worked with SOLIDWORKS CAD and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to use the data and lifestyle management solutions available to facilitate remote design and collaboration.

Because Collaborative Designer and SOLIDWORKS desktop software work together flawlessly, it enabled Square Robot to manage important documents and designs from within the desktop authoring application. Collaborating within a single program versus hemorrhaging from costly IT overhead gave engineers, managers, and key stakeholders flexibility, time, and accelerated development cycles to push their revamped product to market.

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