Grand opening event at Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation shows off contributions made by industry partners

Story by Karen Majerly on April 12, 2019

Cimetrix, a division of Javelin Technologies, is bringing the latest additive manufacturing technology to Humber College Barrett Centre for Technology

This week marked the grand opening of Humber’s impressive new facility housing interactive technology zones, digital media studios, prototyping and maker spaces, open gathering places, and demonstration areas.

Eight industry partners are adding equipment, technology, and expertise to help train and empower students and prepare them for in-demand careers in the workforce. Together the partners make up the Advanced Manufacturing Skills Consortium; Cimetrix is the lead partner for additive manufacturing.

3D Printers and example 3D printed parts

3D Printers and example 3D printed parts

Cimetrix will donate $50,000 total – $10,000 to be awarded each year for five years to a student demonstrating a proven understanding of advanced manufacturing and automation applications related to Industry 4.0 practices. This donation is in addition to:

  • An initial additive manufacturing equipment donation of $300,000
  • Industry specific forums to highlight the latest additive manufacturing applications
  • Support for outreach activities to enhance STEM education
  • Assistance in providing recruitment opportunities for students and graduates

Hear James Janeteas talk about the benefits of collaboration between industry and educational institutions and why these partnerships should provide not only equipment and technology but also a transfer of skills and knowledge:

Javelin-Cimetrix supports schools, teachers, and students with the professional-grade software and industrial 3D printers used every day by designers, engineers, and manufacturers. Learn more about technology solutions for education.

Watch Humber’s grand opening video and read their news story on Humber Today.

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