Javelin-Cimetrix expands Professional Additive Manufacturing Services in 2019 for Canadian and U.S. companies

Story by Karen Majerly on April 19, 2019

Are you consistently exceeding your current 3D printing capacity? Do you need increased capability, a larger build envelope, or a different material for a certain project? Looking for guidance to develop your unique additive application, before bringing the technology in-house?

Over the last decade, Cimetrix Solutions has been providing 3D printing / additive manufacturing services across North America, partnering with our customers to provide advanced prototypes, tooling, manufacturing aids, low-volume production, and end-use parts. To date, the Professional Additive Services team has been focused on providing FDM and Polyjet solutions out of the central manufacturing facility in Oshawa, Ontario.

For 2019, the team is poised for rapid expansion; through enhanced capacity and capabilities, along with new developments in industry partnerships, the group has the resources and expertise to meet even the most stringent demands. New hardware additions in the Oakville, Ontario and Vancouver, BC locations will facilitate local manufacturing for quick-turn projects. This year, the additive offerings will also include SLS/SLA, DMLS, and Multi-Jet Fusion. The expanded solution set will also include injection molding, CNC machining, and urethane casting.

Cimetrix 3D printer technician

Conner Janeteas, Professional Additive Manufacturing Services Manager

Conner Janeteas, Project Manager, Professional Additive Services, has helped grow the Professional Additive Services group over the past four years and proudly manages the division today. His team serves high-performance users of additive manufacturing; they help customers with overflow printing demand that cannot be met in house, expanded material capabilities, as well as applications development for current and prospective additive manufacturing partners.

“We always have customers facing high demand in their shops, often because different departments realize the applications and benefits of additive manufacturing and start asking for more and more parts.”

He adds that it is his team’s industry expertise that allows them to stand out in the marketplace.

“We can jump in at any stage of the additive manufacturing spectrum. We’ve got the expertise and SOLIDWORKS resources to assist with optimizing designs for additive manufacturing, to complete turnkey production services, and anything in between. Our team is at the forefront of the latest applications and materials and can provide recommendations. All of this means we consistently produce superior parts and solutions.”

The majority of Professional Additive Services customers serve the aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing verticals. People working in these demanding sectors rely on the experience and dedication that Cimetrix brings to each job.

“We’re not the people who receive an order, hit the print button, box it up, and ship it out,” Conner explains. “We work at a much higher level of collaboration and relationship building. We strive to understand the demands our customers face on a day-to-day basis.”

Today, most of the team’s production is centered around tooling, manufacturing aids, and end-use production parts, alongside concept models, functional prototypes, and reverse engineering applications. Throughout every project, the customer receives personal attention – attention that leads to the best possible outcome.

“A customer will always get to talk to a member of our team, who will take the time to understand the application, provide optimization suggestions, and generate a thoughtful recommendation accompanied by a high-quality product.”

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