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UAC 2000 & 4000

Advanced Air Filtration Systems

The UAC 2000 & 4000 effectively remove exhaust air from laser material processing systems and capture the smoke and particulate produced when laser processing materials, using a unique four-stage filtration system.

Sensors monitor each stage of the filtration system and alert the user when filter media needs replacement. Variable-speed exhaust blowers maintain a constant air flow, as particle filters are consumed. A two stage carbon filter uses carbon media more efficiently, reducing operating cost over the life of the air cleaner, while effectively removing fumes from the exhaust stream. This dual carbon filter design is unique and patented by ULS (Patent 9,155,988).

Additionally, an integrated carbon monoxide (CO) monitor alerts the user to dangerous levels of CO in the ambient air. At critical levels, the CO sensor can automatically stop laser material processing.

Laser system cutter smoke and particulate
UAC Air Filtration Platform
Universal Laser System

UAC 2000 & 4000 Benefits

  • Increased Safety: The innovative, patented sensor suite monitors filtration performance at every stage of filtration and protects the user and the environment like no other manufacturer.
  • Improved Return on Investment:Extremely efficient use of consumable filter media improves cost of operation compared to other less sophisticated solutions.
  • Reduced Facilities Requirements:Reduces or eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure projects to add or upgrade exhaust equipment.

UAC 2000 & 4000 Features

Superior Integration and Safety


  • Seamlessly integrates with ULS laser systems
  • Available in two sizes, the UAC 2000 and the UAC 4000, to handle all ULS system and application requirements
  • Intuitive controls require relatively little training to operate
  • No tools are required to change filters
  • The laser system is in constant communication with the UAC, turning the blowers on and off with processing and reporting on filter status
  • Four stage filtration with a unique multi-sensor design continuously monitors filter efficiency
  • High-capacity filters are designed for production environments
  • Extremely quiet operation


  • Onboard sensors prevent ULS laser systems from processing materials when filters are depleted or high levels of CO are detected
  • Removes air-borne particles and volatile chemicals (VOCs) produced by laser material processing
  • Unique dual carbon filter* design maximizes utilization of active carbon media
  • Monitors ambient CO levels
  • To manage outgassing, a standby fan* keeps fresh air moving through the filters when the system is not processing materials

* (patent pending)

Why you should choose a Universal Laser System

Three advantages of the UAC 2000 & 4000

1. Advanced 4-stage Filtration

Both the UAC 2000 and the UAC 4000 use a four stage filtration system (Pre Filter, HEPA Filter and Dual Carbon Filters) to effectively remove byproducts from the exhaust air. Sensors monitor each stage and alert the user when filter media needs replacing.

2. Better User Experience

As part of the ecosystem of modular components that enable Universal Laser Systems (ULS) to provide tailored solutions for laser material processing, ULS air filtration units are designed to communicate with ULS laser systems.

3. High Reliability & Serviceability

Filter replacement is performed from the front of the ULS air filtration system through convenient doors. The pre-filters are connected to a detachable box that can be easily removed from the system to aid in cleaning while replacement pre-filter media is installed.

UAC 2000 & 4000 Specifications

Essential details for the Air Filtration Systems

UAC 2000UAC 4000
Air Flow>150 CFM @ 9 in. H2O>300 CFM @ 9 in. H2O
Duct/Pipe Diameter4 in. (100 mm)6 in. (150 mm)
FiltersOne 24 x 12 in., 5-pocket MERV 14 pre-filter
One 17 x 17 x 3 in. HEPA filter
Two 20 lb. activated carbon filters
Two 24 x 12 in., 5-pocket MERV 14 pre-filters
24 x 24 x 3 in. HEPA filter
Two 30 lb. activated carbon filters
CommunicationModular plug cable for connecting with a ULS laser system.
Power110 VAC/15A or 210-230 VAC/8A Max210-230 VAC/15A Max
Size41.5 x 24 x 36.5 in. (1055 x 610 x 928 mm)43 x 30.75 x 41.2 in. (1055 x 610 x 928 mm)
Weight350 lbs. (160 kg)525 lbs. (240 kg)
Pre-Filter Technical Data
Filter MediaPolypropylene
Filter Rating/EfficiencyMERV 14/95% @ 3.0 micron particle size
HEPA Filter Technical Data
Filter MediaFiberglass
Filter Rating/Efficiency99.97% @ 0.3 micron particle size
Carbon Filter Technical Data
Filter MediaActivated Carbon (specially treated for formaldehyde absorption)

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