Understanding what you can do with a Laser Processing System

This on-demand webinar discusses the Universal Laser Processing System offerings and explains the key differentiators with the systems in order to help you in your buying decision.

This session wraps up with giving real industrial examples of the type of work that a laser system can be used for. A Laser system can work hand in hand with your existing 3D printer or other shop equipment, and can easily be scaled to support your production volumes.

The recorded webinar features two guest speakers from Universal Laser Systems (ULS): Chuck Bosnos and Chris Campbell.

What is a Laser Processing System?

A laser is a device that emits a beam of coherent light through an optical amplification process. There are many types of lasers including gas, fiber, solid state, dye, diode and excimer lasers. All of these types share a basic set of components.

Laser Processing System Components
  1. Gain medium capable of sustaining stimulated emission
  2. Energy source to pump the gain medium
  3. Total reflector to reflect energy
  4. Partial reflector
  5. Laser beam output
Laser Processing System

Universal Laser Diagram

Featured Solution:

Digital Laser Material Processing

Universal Laser Systems Digital Laser Material Processing (DLMP™) technology enables designers and manufacturers to laser cut, engrave and mark on almost any material.

DLMP systems expand the potential for applications across organizations and in multiple departments including production, R&D and engineering, sales, marketing and facilities management.

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