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Stratasys F170 EDU Promotion

Exclusive for Schools, Colleges, and Universities: Trade-in your Mojo or uPrint machine for up to $3K credit on a Stratasys F170 machine

uPrint and Mojo

Trade-in a Mojo or uPrint 3D Printer

Receive up to $3,000 USD off with a trade-in for a Stratasys F170 FDM machine,  which will provide you with:

  • 33% reduction in operating costs
  • 60% faster build times
  • 4X materials including TPU
  • 200% larger build volume

ACT NOW, this special offer ends Monday, December 30, 2019

Replace your Mojo or uPrint with a Stratasys F170

The all-in-one power of the Stratasys F170 provides expanded capabilities and unprecedented accessibility for educators and students:

New and improved features save time and material over Mojo and uPrint 3D printers. Incredible ease of use with both the hardware and software means you don’t need special 3D printing expertise.

Super quiet and classroom friendly. Reliable, consistent printing ensures less waste. Designed for the way you work, it’s a smart move for your projects.

Stratasys F170 Key Features over Mojo and uPrint 3D Printers

Produce fast, effective prototypes for concept development, as well as highly accurate and robust parts for design validation and functional performance:

Stratasys F170

200% Larger Build Volume

Large build size up to 10" x 10" x 10", with the ability to build large, dense parts successfully.

60% Faster Build Times

Fast, easy material change-out, plus auto-calibration ensures you spend less time troubleshooting and more time prototyping.

33% Reduction in Operating Costs

Work faster with less material through concept iterations and component verification. Increase productivity and reach your goals sooner with repeatable results.

More Materials

The Stratasys F170 gives you the option of up to four different Fused Deposition Modeling materials (PLAABS-M30, ASA, and FDM TPU 92a elastomer) along with easy-to-remove soluble support material.

Stratasys Logo

Stratasys F170 Specifications

The all-in-one power of the Stratasys F170 gives you value all around — with expanded capabilities and unprecedented accessibility.

FeatureStratasys F370
Maximum Build Size (XYZ)254 x 254 x 254 mm (10 x 10 x 10 in.)
Model MaterialsPLA, ABS-M30, ASA, TPU 92A, QSR support material
System size & weight1626 x 864 x 711 mm (64 x 34 x 28 in.) 227 kg (500 lbs) with consumables
Noise Specification46 dB maximum during build, 35 dB when idle
AccuracyParts are produced within an accuracy of +/- .200 mm (.008 in), or +/- .002 mm/mm (.002 in/in), whichever is greater.
Material Delivery Options2 material spool bays, 1 for model, 1 for support located in a drawer on the front of the unit
Network ConnectivityWired: TCP/IP protocols at 100 Mbps minimum 100 base T, Ethernet protocol, RJ45 connector
Wireless: IEEE 802.11n, g, or b; Authentication: WPA2-PSK, 802.1x EAP; Encryption: CCMP, TKIP
SoftwareGrabCAD Print (download) and Insight software license
System RequirementsWindows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (64bit only) with a minimum of 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended)
Operating EnvironmentOperating: Temperature: 59-86ºF (15-30ºC), Humidity: 30-70% RH
Storage: Temperature: 32-95ºF (0-35ºC), Humidity: 20-90% RH
Power Requirements100–132V/15A or 200–240V/7A. 50/60 Hz
Regulatory ComplianceCE, FCC, EAC, EMC (low-voltage directive), TUV, FCC, RC, RCM, RoHs, WEEE, Reach
Layer Thickness0.013 in. (0.330 mm)0.010 in. (0.254 mm)0.007 in. (0.178 mm)0.005 in. (0.127 mm)
TPU 92A   

Materials available for the F170

Learn more about the Fused Deposition Modeling materials

Stratasys F170 Benefits

Designed for the way you work, empowering innovation

GrabCAD Print Preparation

Smarter Software

GrabCAD Print™ software simplifies the entire 3D printing process with an intuitive CAD-like application anyone in your class can use. And with features like detailed reporting and remote monitoring, you can easily manage your print jobs from outside the office.

Combined with the ability to seamlessly share projects between users, it all adds up to a more streamlined, efficient workflow.

Motorcycle helmet

Versatility & Performance

The Stratasys F170 lets you print everything from fast, low-cost concept models to durable assemblies. And gives the option of four different materials, along with an easy-to-remove soluble support material.

Students can create complex parts and assemblies with no compromise on accuracy, detail and repeatability. Even for your earliest design iterations, you can expect Stratasys quality and dependability.

Flexible Part

More Efficiency & Print Savings

The Stratasys F170 also features the all-new fast-draft mode to produce initial design concepts quickly and economically. Now you can print twice as fast as standard build mode while consuming just a third of the material on average.

For even more efficiency and savings, choose PLA material. A thermoplastic made from renewable resources, PLA gives you the speed of fast-draft mode while keeping material expenses down. Spend less, create more. That’s smarter 3D printing.

Stratasys F170 Education Case Study

Learn how students and educators are using the Stratasys F170 3D Printer:

Students Gain High-Demand Skills with 3D Printing at Dunwoody College of Technology

Students in Dunwoody’s Engineering Drafting & Design program use Stratasys F123 Series 3D Printers to verify their design concepts.

Stratasys F170 Example Parts

Take a look at example models created with the FDM machine:

3D Printer Services

3D Printing Productivity and maintenance with Javelin-Cimetrix services

Javelin Support Team

Technical Support

With our 3D Printer Subscription Service, you have access to extensive help from our 3D Printing experts. Which will enhance your hardware investment and guide you through development challenges.

  • Live Technical Support from our certified support team.
  • Onsite Support to solve your technical issue right on your machine.
  • Regular Communication of 3D printer software updates and technical tips and tricks.

Learn about our 3D Printer Subscription Service »

Stratasys Service

Maintenance & Materials

When you purchase a new Stratasys 3D printer from Javelin, our service contracts give you predictable maintenance costs and simplified purchasing cycles for spare parts, service and consumables/material.

  • Annual onsite service of your machine
  • Get replacement 3D printer materials and parts directly from us
Exclusive pricing for Education

Contact us to learn more about educational pricing and maintenance contracts for educational institutions.

3D Printing Hands-on Training

3D Printer Training

Our exclusive 3D Printing training and mentoring will show you how to optimize and 3D Print your 3D models more cost effectively to become an Additive Manufacturing expert:

  • Learn how to print Your 3D designs with confidence
  • Understand 3D printing technology and material usage
  • Reduce your 3D printing time and costs

Learn more about training from Javelin »

Interested in our Education Trade-in Promotion?

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