Exploring metal finishing methods for 3D printed parts

Almost all metal parts whether forged, stamped, cast, machined or 3D printed, require some secondary metal finishing methods or post-processing before the part reaches a final state.

The technique by which a part is finished during post-processing is an important consideration. The best method depends on the application requirements and can have a significant impact on total cost-per-part. Often, 3D printed parts have complex geometries, requiring manufacturers to consider finishing techniques and their impact on the printed parts.

Desktop Metal partnered with Fortune Metal Finishing (FMF) — a leading supplier of finishing equipment and supplies—to test various finishing methods on metal parts printed with the Studio System™ to observe resulting surface finish and other characteristics.

Download the white paper to learn more about the three finishing techniques:

  • Centrifugal disc
  • Centrifugal barrel
  • Media blasting

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