This video highlights the flexibility of being able to switch between Design Apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Platform to leverage different tools for different design challenges.

3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Design Apps like 3D Sculptor (xShape App) and 3D Creator (xDesign App) are focused on different facets of product design. xShape enables you to create stunning shapes with subdivision modeling while xDesign delivers more traditional CAD features from component and assembly creation. This allows you to focus on the design task at hand and not be overwhelmed with features that are irrelevant at the moment.

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where you will want to utilize a different set of design tools in an App better suited to the current challenge. On the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform this is done by easily switching between Apps in your web browser giving you access to an entire set of tools. This will allow you to seamlessly move from one App to another leveraging all the features found in a different design app without disrupting your workflow.

The philosophy of switching between apps will change the way you work with design tools. Instead of having to install and workaround every feature in a complex application you can instead use task specific tools to handle unique design challenges. Likewise as more design tools become available on the platform you will be able to choose which design tools best serve your needs to simplify the overall engineering process.