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Alta Injection Molding 3D Printing Team with their Stratasys 3D Printer

Canadian 3D Printing Expertise Contributes to Business Growth at Alta Injection Molding

With their in-house Stratasys 3D printer, AIM’s designers can quickly produce samples to test the fit and finish of their work. AIM is well known for quick turnaround and reducing time to market; it achieves that productivity, along with associated cost savings, by eliminating key steps between prototype and final product.

B+H Architects

Model-making with a 3D printer boosting business for Canadian architectural firm

Recently B+H Architects received delivery of a Stratasys 3D printer. Within a day, they were 3D printing architectural models. After just a couple of months, they were enjoying all the benefits of in-house, start-to-finish control over their architectural model-making that ensures both quality and on-time performance.

Oxygen Delivery System

Designing a revolutionary oxygen delivery system with SOLIDWORKS

Using SOLIDWORKS software, Canadian company Southmedic developed the OxyArm Predictable Oxygen Delivery System, the first “open” oxygen delivery system on the market. Southmedic, Inc., designs and manufactures surgical and specialty operating room products for OEM…

Satlantic Aquatic Sensor

Canadian Aquatic sensor and instrument development with SOLIDWORKS

By moving to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, Satlantic collaborates and communicates with partners and customers more efficiently. As a leading manufacturer of Canadian aquatic sensors and instrumentation, Satlantic Inc. works closely with the ocean sciences community…

Canadian Navy Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel

Grantec used SOLIDWORKS Simulation to help design the Canadian Navy Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel

Grantec was the principal structural analyst on the Canadian Navy Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel project, and used SOLIDWORKS Simulation to test the design

Feature Walters Large Assembly

Feature Walters learns new efficiencies when working with large drawings in SOLIDWORKS

Javelin Productivity Service helped the Feature Walters design team to enjoy far less wait time when opening and refreshing models and drawings, reducing time wasted and eliminating user frustration.


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