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Free SOLIDWORKS For Startups

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Origin One Mid Sole Print

Stratasys Origin One

Mass production of 3D printed parts in a diverse range of high performance materials

Find a 3D Design or Manufacturing Solution for your INDUSTRY

Find a 3D Design or Manufacturing Solution for your DEPARTMENT

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3D Scanner

3D Scanners from Artec and ZEISS

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Formlabs Form 4

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WAZER Water Jet Cutter

What's New at Javelin

Soft Goods Design and Furniture Design

What’s New for designing with composites, industrial fabrics, or technical textiles using ExactFlat

Do you need to turn a complex, non-developable surface soft goods design into a 2D flat pattern? SOLIDWORKS® partner ExactFlat adds a powerful new dimension to SOLIDWORKS capabilities. Design, develop, prototype, cost and manufacture any…

DriveWorks Configurator Tablet

Utilizing a DriveWorks Product Configurator to Increase Profits

A DriveWorks Product Configurator will enable your sales personnel, dealers, customers and designers to quickly and easily create and configure custom products. Whether your team includes a mobile sales force, dealers across the world, or…

Pool Design Software Orders

Stay ahead of the tidal wave of orders with SOLIDWORKS Pool Liner and Cover Design software

As a custom vinyl swimming pool manufacturer how do you stay ahead of the tidal wave of orders your business receives during seasonal demand?! This is where Javelin’s Pool Design Software, Pool Pattern Pro, will help you to automate…

Insulation Cover Design

Thermal Insulation Cover Design with ExactFlat & SOLIDWORKS

The ability to flatten a thermal insulation cover design is a perfect example to demonstrate the power and flexibility of ExactFlat software and how it can save you time and money. You might not think that…

Transparent Data Management

Transparent Cloud Data Management facilitates innovation in Conceptual Design

Creating innovative product ideas requires an effective, unobtrusive approach to managing conceptual design data. Because conceptual design is a fast-paced, constantly-changing process, during which designers utilize trial-and-error approaches and “what if” scenarios to gain the…

Conceptual Designer in Use

Empowering Conceptual Design via the single modeling environment

Developing innovative design concepts is critically important to the success of product development organizations, large and small, because these ideas lay the foundation for future business success. Using conventional CAD software for conceptual design presents…


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