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Wittur reduce search time for their elevator design

EXALEAD OnePart helps Wittur reduce the time looking for information by more than 20 hours per day

Many of us think of safety when we enter an elevator. Doors failing to open, sudden stops, abrupt landings…these are just some of the problems no one wants to experience. However, other considerations also enter...

Knapheide Truck Solution

EXALEAD OnePart provides Knapheide with potential design time savings of 150 hours

Herman Heinrich Knapheide brought to the new world true German craftsmanship and the ambition to make a better life for himself in his adopted homeland. A few years after moving to Quincy, Illinois he founded...

Bird Technologies Antenna

EXALEAD OnePart helped Bird Technologies reduce the number of duplicate parts in its database by 75%

Bird Technologies (Bird) is one of the world’s leading providers of radio frequency products and services. Companies use its wide range of products to generate and transmit audio and video content over the air. “We...

Automotive Part

Improving Canadian automotive die-cast tooling development with SOLIDWORKS PDM

Burlington Technologies, Inc. produces high-pressure aluminum die cast tooling, which automotive companies use to produce numerous parts. As a world-class tooling manufacturer, the Burlington Centennial division continually evaluates ways to boost productivity in the development...

Litens Assembly Simulation

Accelerating Canadian Transmission System Design with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Litens Automotive Group is the global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered power transmission system design and components. A tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, Litens invented the first mass-supplied automatic tensioner/single...

Material Handling

Improving Canadian material handling equipment development with SOLIDWORKS software

Mitchell Mill Systems Canada Ltd. designs and manufactures material handling equipment used in grain, livestock feed, pet food, fish food, fertilizer, seed cleaning, and other industrial processes. For many years, the company had used AutoCAD®...


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