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Canadian Tank Trailer Design

Expanding efficiencies in Canadian Tank Trailer design

MaXfield, Inc., is a major supplier of pressurized tank trailers for hauling a variety of liquefied gases. The company also manufactures a range of custom-fabricated products, such as piping systems, for use in the oil,...

Lean manufacturing helped Sport Systems to acheive a 62 percent reduction in production time

A smooth skate to faster Canadian hockey rink board manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS

Hockey rinks have come a long way since the wood and chicken-wire fence of the early days. As the preferred rink equipment supplier to the National Hockey League (NHL), Sport Systems Unlimited Corp. is leading the effort...

ProVantage Electrical Design

ProVantage Automation uses SOLIDWORKS Electrical to get the job done fast and accurately

OEMs and manufacturing end users across North America rely on ProVantage Automation (ProV) for its expertise in designing, testing, installing, and supporting automated systems. Most often, their work is  related to material handling, paper converting,...

Sunrise Power Solar Panels

Canadian Sunrise Power use DriveWorks to reduce design time from two days to two hours

Sunrise Power, based in Peterborough, ON., were able to dramatically reduce their design time from two days to two hours for larger scale projects with SOLIDWORKS and the DriveWorks Design Automation Tool.

Office Recycling Solution

CleanRiver Recycling Solutions Imagine a world without waste

Imagine a world without waste. That’s the mission of CleanRiver Recycling Solutions; a forward-thinking recycling container manufacturing company. For over twenty years, CleanRiver has developed innovative recycling containers, recycling stations and waste bins designed to...

iSkin Mobile Protection Cases

iSkin use SOLIDWORKS to create mobile & music device protection cases

Everybody knows at least 1 clumsy person. In my family, that person is me. If there are stairs, I’m falling up (or down) them. If there’s something on the floor, I’m tripping over it. If...


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