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Latest Content

Pipe Routes

Plugging into next-generation Canadian green power with SOLIDWORKS

Everyone knows that using natural gas to generate electricity is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than burning coal. Because coal is less costly, power companies need to utilize innovative technologies that increase the efficiency of…

Oilfield Solution - Skid

Accelerating the development of innovative Canadian oilfield solutions with SOLIDWORKS software

Meeting the equipment needs of today’s fast-paced oil and gas industry demands responsiveness, innovation, and accuracy. As the largest privately owned Oilfield Solutions company in Canada, with international operations stretching around the globe, Sanjel Corporation embraces…

Nanoflotation – New water treatment technology for petroleum exploration and production.

SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling plays a role in Canadian water treatment and conservation

Javelin Technologies is best known as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of SOLIDWORKS® software, but some of its customers are advancing their projects by having Javelin do the 3D design work for them. David Bromley is…

Thordon Bearings

DriveWorks-based SmartQuote system helps Thordon Bearings manage international dealer network

On the Thordon Bearings website, you’ll find a cool widget that keeps track of the volume of oil discharges the company’s products have prevented to date. That number today? More than 62 million litres. Their…

Aeryon Sky Ranger

SOLIDWORKS tools help Canadian Aeryon Labs designers optimize and customize world-leading drones

Ask Glen Johannesson to tell you the coolest part of his job and he laughs and says, “It’s all cool. I make flying robots.” Glen is Mechanical Architect for Aeryon Labs and a mechanical engineer. Based…

Javelin Training Earthscape Playground

Earthscape use SOLIDWORKS and Javelin Services to design better playgrounds

Javelin customer Earthscape is an award-winning studio specializing in playground design and construction. They work with educators, childcare providers, municipalities, NGOs, parents and children to bring nature back into play spaces. Their aim is to build awe-inspiring playgrounds, connecting…


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