SOLIDWORKS Productivity Service

Are you using SOLIDWORKS to its full potential?

Enhance the CAD skills and capabilities of your team with a SOLIDWORKS Productivity Service from Javelin.

SOLIDWORKS Productivity Service

Why Invest in your Team's Productivity?

You want your team to be well equipped and productive, but investing in developing the skills of your team members might not be your highest priority. Budgeting for a Productivity Service to create a more effective SOLIDWORKS team will be a sound investment and will justify the cost of your software and hardware upgrades.

Here are just a few reasons why productivity training is needed:

Harness the latest SOLIDWORKS Technology & Usage Techniques

SOLIDWORKS is always changing, with over 200 new enhancements added every year your team needs to update their skillset in order to make the most of the new technology:

  • With a Productivity Plan in place users will have a consistent approach to making the best use of SOLIDWORKS.
  • Your team can focus on design rather than researching new functionality.
  • Users tend to work with the features they are most comfortable with, but we can bring them up-to-date with the latest SOLIDWORKS techniques.
Increase morale with service
Increase Team Morale & Confidence
  • Providing training and developing team members increases morale and that in turn increases team productivity.
  • Employees tend to stay longer with a company when they receive training on a regular basis.
  • Be more confident in your team's abilities with the knowledge that they are trained to use the software your business has invested in.
Ensure correct usage of your software
  • Verify that your design process and team are as productive as they could be.
  • Ensure that your software is being used the right way with team members utilizing the most effective methods and techniques.
  • Prove to your customers that your team is proficient with SOLIDWORKS and able to deliver projects on time.

Typical Productivity Service Results


Time Savings for businesses that have used our service


Productivity increase for users that adopt our best practices

How does the Productivity Service work?

A 3 Step Process to improve team productivity


    Your Software Usage


    Learn best practices & update your system

  • REPORT Results

    Deliver results & recommendations

Analyze how you work

STEP 1: ANALYZE Your Software Usage

A Javelin Elite Engineer will investigate how your business currently uses SOLIDWORKS software and assess your team's skills to determine where productivity can be improved and the training your team needs.

We will then work with you to create a tailored SOLIDWORKS training plan designed specifically for your business based on the analysis results.

STEP 2: TRAIN Individual Users

Tailored SOLIDWORKS training will then be delivered to your team either on-site at your premises or at one of our local offices. Training will focus on the features that will benefit your business the most.

Followed by one-on-one sessions with individual team members to implement new techniques and provide targeted training identified from the needs analysis.

Train Users
Report Results

STEP 3: REPORT Results & Findings

After training has been completed we will meet with you to report our findings and results obtained from one-on-one training sessions.

You will also receive a comprehensive report which contains recommendations to improve your business productivity and suggestions for further education to develop your individual team members.


"I liked that I could learn things even in areas where I was already familiar. Some of the tips and tricks will help me do my job faster and more efficiently."

— Lyndon Graff, Brandt Industries

"What I learned will make me more productive and make my company more competitive."

— Ed Petruskavich, Island Automation Ltd.

Benefits of the Productivity Service

Investing in a Productivity Service from Javelin will dramatically improve your business. After receiving training our customers have realized a 75% increase in productivity because users know how to use SOLIDWORKS software more effectively.

Benefits of Trained Users

  • Able to reduce their design time.
  • Have a consistent design approach.
  • Work more effectively to create and reuse geometry.
Top 3 Reasons for SOLIDWORKS Training
  1. Stay effective with updates to the software.
  2. Get the most out of your software investment.
  3. Maintain best practices in your business.

Gain a Return On Investment

In order to get the most out of your software investment your team needs to utilize the features that will benefit your business the most:

  • A Productivity Service from Javelin will identify the most effective ways your business can use SOLIDWORKS.
  • Users tend to work with tried and tested features they are most comfortable with, but we can bring them up-to-date with the latest techniques.
  • Your team will also learn the enhanced functionality from previous SOLIDWORKS releases that they may not be using currently.

Productivity Examples

Learn how we have helped customers increase their productivity


Weldments Productivity Issue

One of our customers reported that building frames in SOLIDWORKS using Assembly techniques was very time consuming and when editing was required it would generate even more work. The customer wanted to know if there was a technique that could speed up the build process and allow changes to made easily.

Findings from Software Usage Analysis

  • The user was building assemblies containing parts with similar profiles.
  • Even though the process had been streamlined by using library parts, it would take hours or even days for a complete framework to be completed.
  • Modifying the framework was even more time consuming using this technique.
  • The user was aware that SOLIDWORKS has a weldment environment for quick and easy frame creation, however the user was not confident using it and had not received training.


Result from a Productivity Service

A Javelin expert assessed how the user was currently building assemblies and demonstrated a new technique to build the same assembly in a few minutes instead of hours.

Starting with the creation of a weldment multibody part and followed by converting it to an assembly, complete with custom properties for each of the piece parts (including the ability to control overall sizes in parametric format).

88% FASTER: Frame build time reduced from 1 hour to 5 minutes

Large Assemblies
Custom Properties

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