3D Printer Training

Learn how to optimize your CAD files and 3D Print your Models more cost effectively

Fortus Insight Software

Fortus Insight

The Fortus Insight software training course will help you to get the most out of your Fortus 3D production system and reduce your 3D printing costs


"Excellent overview for someone stepping into managing an in-house 3D printer for the first time"
— Gary Pasternak, Engineered Plastics Incorporated

"The course was very hands-on with conceptual thinking. Was also able to produce a take home product."

— Julie Smitka, Peel District Schoolboard.

"Very relaxed atmosphere, very knowledgeable instructor with good examples."

— Andy Birch, Mayfield S.S.

"Learned some good tips and tricks to improve the use of our 3D Printer. The instructor had specialize knowledge for injection molding and this helped me to understand applications for the technology."

— David Fexio, UBC.

"The 3D Printing Essentials course was very in-depth without being confusing. The instructor was knowledgeable and informative."

— William Black, The 3D Way.

"The course had a great rhythm and was very interactive. The numerous 3D sample parts helped to reinforce the concepts."

— Jim Gluftis, George Brown College.

What are the Benefits of 3D Printer Training?

  • Shorten your design time

    When a 3D printer is used correctly it allows businesses to shorten their design cycle, improve results, and save time and money

  • Reduce 3D Printing Costs

    Understanding the 3D printing process better will help reduce print costs whether printing in-house or using a service bureau

  • Find Applications for 3D Printing

    Better understand the possibilities, advantages, and limitations of 3D printing technology and identify applications for your business

  • Designers & Engineers gain new skills

    Better understand how to design for 3D printing and determine the most cost effective methods of 3D printing for your models

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