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Javelin is the official Canadian partner of IpX – Institute for Process Excellence providing training, certification software and services for CM2 to help companies achieve integrated process excellence.

CM2 is the global enterprise standard for enterprise product lifecycle change and configuration management. As product complexity increases and organizations become more reliant on their supply chains, managing the change process and communicating across the global digital ecosystem is an increasing challenge. Ineffective and inefficient organization structures, processes, and systems leave organizations struggling to improve quality, reduce time-to-market and manage costs

CM2 Certification and Enterprise Training

Choose from 3 different certifications for Configuration Management

Certification: CM2-C (CM2 Comprehensive)

All courses are in-class 2 day sessions

Course CM2-01: Foundation of Operational Excellence (2 Day)

This course presents a structured and effective methodology for documenting, validating, releasing, and changing requirements.

Course CM2-02: Requirements and the CM2 Baseline (2 Day)

This course focuses on the foundational elements of requirements management including the structuring and ownership of all product, solution, and business requirements.

Course CM2-03: Fundamentals of Change Management (2 Day)

This course introduces a closed-loop change process and identifies several enabling building blocks that reside outside the scope of the change process.

Course CM2-04: The CM2 Change Process (2 Day)

This course will address the importance of Enterprise Configuration Management and introduce the roles, responsibilities and workflows required for a world-class organization to efficiently manage change.

Course CM2-05: Optimizing the Digital Thread (2 Day)

This course introduces critical additions to the process flows and roles previously defined in the Enterprise Configuration Management process. These additions are critical to the management of the Digital Thread and visibility of the Digital Twin in the operation and maintenance lifecycle phase.

Course CM2-06: Achieving Enterprise CM2 Implementation (2 Day)

This course provides the path to achieving Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM), the enabling process needed to improve an organization’s tools and other core business processes.

Certification: CM2-P (CM2 Professional)

PREREQUISITE: CM2-C (You have completed courses CM2-01 — CM2-06)

Course CM2-07: Executing the Digital Thread and Twin (2 Day)

This course introduces a 2-phase approach to be used for creating the foundation to enhance the efficiency of each core business process. It will identify the key elements that must be in place reaffirm that the proper approach is to define the process first, then select the enabling tool.

Course CM2-08: Enabling Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Compliance (2 Day)

This course will describe how properly defined IT systems and process protocols can ensure an organizations compliance to NIST SP 800-123 and SP 800-53 cybersecurity requirements.

Course CM2-09: Practical Application Workshops for Enterprise Excellence (3 Day)

This hands-on course focuses on shifting the paradigms that are most important and also the most challenging to those implementing CM2. Course participants will perform a variety of roles and, by the end of the third day, they will have performed all facets of the CM2 process.

Software Certification

Certification: CM2-S (CM2 Software) Certificate Requirements


Course CM2-13: Optimizing the Software Lifecycle with CM2 (3 Day)

This course describes how the CM2 model for configuration management and integrated process excellence can be applied to software. The challenge boils down to what you believe. You either expect software code to come out right-the-first-time, or you do not. Your process will be designed accordingly.

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