SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties Management

Learn time saving techniques using custom properties

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The SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties Management course teaches you how to master the use of Custom Properties within SOLIDWORKS for significant time savings. You will learn the fastest way possible for rapidly applying custom file properties (in bulk to all components or some of the components of an assembly, and also to individual components) using all the tools available in SOLIDWORKS.

More importantly, you will discover how to extract maximum benefits from the Custom Properties you applied; by using them to automate the creation of intelligent Bill of Materials (BOM), populate title blocks, quickly select, isolate, or sort components in an assembly, link annotations, and even drive model dimensions from custom properties.

Course Info at a glance

Online Course, 2 Days (3 hours/day)

Intermediate/Advanced Level

 Javelin Custom Course

This training course will help you to:

  • Quickly input custom property values for all the component of an assembly, regardless if they are parts or subassemblies (25 times faster than the traditional workflow).
  • Automate the creation of intelligent Bill of Materials (BOMs) that can make decisions. Example: If the component is manufactured then list its material, if it is purchased then list its vendor.
  • Populate title blocks automatically.
  • Quickly sort and even colour all components of an assembly by criteria defined by custom properties. Save these colouring schemes in display states that could be used in drawings or other documents.
  • Select groups of components based on custom property values.
  • Isolate components based on criteria defined by custom properties.
  • Create intelligent sketches containing text driven by custom properties.
  • Drive selected model dimensions using an intuitive dialog box.
  • Know how to link drawing annotations to custom properties from different sources (part, component, assembly drawing view or sheet).

Course Preview

Discover SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties

Requirements & Benefits


At least 1 month using software

A working knowledge of Windows

Features Targeted

Isolate feature

Link properties to annotations

Assembly Visualization

Skills you will acquire

Make intelligent Title Blocks

Automate BOM creation

Ability to create intelligent sketches

SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties Lessons

The following lessons are included in the course

Section A: The Fastest Methods to input SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties to all Components of an Assembly

  • Apply common Custom Properties in bulk to all components of the assembly.
  • Apply common Custom Properties in bulk to groups of components.
  • Quickly push Custom Properties to individual components using temporary tables.
  • Apply deferred Custom Properties at the drawing stage (push information from drawing to model).

Section B: Using SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties

  • Sort and colour code components based on Custom Properties.
  • Create intelligent Bill of Materials that can take decisions. Manage Custom Properties using a Bill of Material.
  • Link annotations to Custom Properties at various levels in a drawing: component, drawing view or sheet.
  • Link annotations to text in sketches (to be used in features).
  • Drive model dimensions using Custom Properties.
  • Link the overall part sizes (bounding box dimensions) to Custom Properties.

Training Methods

Choose from three different training methods available to you

SOLIDWORKS Group Training

Group/Public Training

Receive SOLIDWORKS training as a group in a traditional classroom environment.

Classes can be taken in one of our 12 training locations across Canada using SOLIDWORKS approved training content and methodologies.

  • Cost effective training method.
  • Leave the office to concentrate on learning.
  • Learn more through group questions and feedback.
SOLIDWORKS Online Training

Live Online Training

With our online training you will experience an interactive learning environment where you can give feedback, gain access to the SOLIDWORKS training files and get time to work on training exercises.

  • Online courses are typically half day sessions.
  • More effective than video based training, with recorded videos learners are often not as focused on the training and skip exercises.
SOLIDWORKS Onsite Training

Onsite at your location

Receive training at your place of work. This style of flexible training is perfect for teams or individuals who are faced with a specific challenge and require personalized courses with on-the-job coaching.

  • Use our state-of-the-art mobile classroom at your facility.
  • Bring your team up to a consistent level of knowledge by having them take the same training at the same time.
  • Benefit from flexible scheduling options.

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