LEVO Surface Finishing Machine

Finish your 3D Printed Parts faster

The LEVO Surface Finishing machine automates the manual post-printing finishing methods to ensure every printed part meets your specifications, such as desired Roughness Average (Ra) and dimensional consistency, while keeping the fine-feature detail of
the 3D printed part intact.

Rely on LEVO Surface Finishing for the following 3D printing technology: FDM, SLS, SLA, CLIP, PolyJet, Muti Jet Fusion (MJF), and more.

Surface finishing part
PostProcess LEVO automated Surface Finishing machine
Post Processing Solution

Automated Surface Finishing

  • Designed for all types of geometries, simple to complex, the LEVO Surface Finishing machine is specifically engineered for 3D printed parts.
  • Works continuously with limited technician involvement required, combined with the ability to finish many parts in the same cycle, speeds overall throughput and ensures that the post-print finishing never hinders the production runs.
PostProcess Machine finishing a part

Fast Cycle Times

When time is crucial, the LEVO Surface Finishing solution offers the fastest cycle times in the Surface Finish Design Series. The circular units are also ideal for running smaller parts to achieve an automated ‘customer-ready’ finish.

PostProcess solution of patent-pending software, user-friendly hardware, and eco-friendly consumables works collectively to deliver exacting surface finishing on all 3D print materials while increasing the throughput of your production.

Precise roughness average for every part

The LEVO Surface Finishing system applies patent-pending technology, including optimized energy with circular motion, combined with abrasive and polishing media, to achieve your desired surface finish results. The LEVO Surface Finishing machine has been designed to meet the specifications for the desired Roughness Average (Ra) to achieve various types of finishes on a wide range of 3D printed materials.


All of the patent-pending engineered solutions have been developed for high-performance and optimized to use eco-friendly media. PostProcess provide media in 50 pound plastic containers with molded-in handles, for easy unload and storage. The media has been formulated and tested to have the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

LEVO Surface Finishing Machine Features

Software Features

  • Intelligent cycle times
  • Variable detergent dosing

Hardware Features

  • Urethane coated envelope
  • Textured powder coated enclosure
  • Multi-position, self-supporting hinged lid
  • Optimized noise suppression enclosure
  • Ease-of-use single button operation
  • Casters for easy installation

Size and Weight

  • Envelope: 12″ Dia x 10″ H
  • Volume of parts should not exceed 1/3rd of envelope
  • Machine closed door footprint: 40” L x 28” W x 34” H (fits through standard door).
  • Machine open door footprint: 84” L x 28” W x 55” H
  • Approximate Weight: 400 lbs. empty; 415 lbs. full


  • PG3 Detergent
  • All PostProcess abrasive and polishing media


  • Voltage: IEC 120V
  • Amperage: 15A
  • Connector: NEMA 5-15P

Safety Features

  • Emergency stop
  • Auto power down
  • Compliant with all OSHA regulations

Why you need a LEVO Surface Finishing Machine

3 Advantages of using an automated Surface Finishing Solution for 3D printed parts

1. Consistent Results

It is virtually impossible to achieve uniformity on every part with manual finishing. PostProcess automated surface finishing ensures that every part is identical, every time — to your specification with the precise Ra required.

2. Reduced Finishing Time

PostProcess harnesses extensive engineering expertise applied to surface finishing of numerous printed parts in the same batch and at faster speeds than manual processing. Ensuring that post-print finishing never hinders the production runs.

3. Greater Productivity

The PostProcess LEVO Surface Finishing machine can work on numerous printed parts simultaneously. Enabling companies to focus on higher-value activities.

Customer Ready Parts

Before & After photos of parts finished with the LEVO Surface Finishing machine

Before & After
Before & After
Before & After

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