New Methods of Maximizing Product Design Data for the Enterprise

The value of product design data extends beyond its traditional use by product development organizations to nearly every aspect of the manufacturing enterprise.

While effectively managing this data as part of product development through product data management (PDM) solutions carries many proven benefits, distributing product data to other departments and leveraging its inherent value for other requirements advances data management in ways that increase its effectiveness, boost organizational efficiency, foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and improve enterprise mobility.

Now known as distributed data management (DDM), these innovative solutions build upon a manufacturer’s investment in the creation of product design data to distribute its utility enterprise-wide, resulting in productivity gains, reduced costs, and increased competitiveness.



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SOLIDWORKS DDM tools provide easy-to-use, affordable solutions that enable manufacturing enterprises to maximize the value of product design information, as well as other types of data, quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Distributing product design data beyond traditional data management silos
  • What is distributed data management? PDM plus much more
  • Leveraging PDM data for other critical applications
    • Advanced data management
    • Managing projects
    • Managing processes
    • Managing records
    • Generating reports, driving data management with dashboards
    • Searching for component shapes and metadata

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