Growing Profits by Personalizing Products

Manufacturers have significantly increased the level of product personalization over the past five years, and customization will accelerate over the next five. Why?

Companies across manufacturing industries recognize that tailoring products drives increased differentiation, higher sales, and better margins.

How can manufacturers take advantage of the product personalization trend to drive better top line growth and bottom line profits from designing, selling and producing customized products?  Tech Clarity surveyed almost 300 companies to find out.  

Download the white paper to learn more about product personalization strategies. The white paper includes:

  • How Customization is Compelling
  • How Customization Offers Business-Level Benefits
  • Customization Growth Continues
  • Customizing Products is Challenging
  • Challenges Lead to Negative Business Impacts
  • Customization Prep Reduces Innovation Time
  • Identifying Top Performers in Customizing Products
  • Top Performers Better Exploit Customization Benefits
  • Top Performers use More Modern Configurators
  • Top Performers Provide a Compelling Experience
  • Next Steps

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