Rademaker Reduce Engineering Time to Less Than 15 Minutes using DriveWorks

Rademaker have over 40 years of experience in providing solutions for the food processing industry. Their broad portfolio of production lines include: bread, laminated dough, croissants, pastry, pies and pizza.

The Rademaker brand is well known across the globe for their knowledge and experience in automation, engineering and hygiene.

Designing to Order Before DriveWorks

In 2003, Rademaker started modelling their machinery in 3D using SOLIDWORKS. Over time, they developed several processes to quickly create 3D models in SOLIDWORKS that were ready for production and contained a high level of standardization and modularization.


Food Processing Croissants

However, the engineering time required to complete the process was substantial. An engineer would need to complete several manual actions to obtain a correct 3D model and a drawing that were ready for production.

Zero Effort Engineering (ZEE)

Rademaker wanted to implement a ‘Zero Effort Engineering’ (ZEE) process that would reduce the engineering time required.

A ZEE process means that the engineer would only need to fill in the specifications of a machine and the 3D models, drawings and bill of materials would be automatically generated and released to SAP-PLM.

Another objective for Rademaker was to have the ability to reuse generated ‘standard’ parts to gain a more efficient production process and a higher level of quality.

Implementing DriveWorks

After examining all the possibilities to achieve ZEE, DriveWorks was the perfect tool for Rademaker. The software helps them to meet their demands, obtain a high level of modularization and to reduce time in several divisions across their organization.

Rademaker have also integrated DriveWorks with SAP-PLM. By using a DriveWorks project per part / assembly, they’re able to reuse parts and sub-assemblies. This facilitates the process of standardization, change control, logistics and sales.

Achieving Targets

Rademaker’s target was to reduce engineering time to less than 15 minutes for modular units. This target has been achieved with DriveWorks.

They also achieved a 30% reduction in time during the standardization process as DriveWorks enabled them to optimize their way of working with product structures. They’ve increased flexibility, variants, functionality and the number of options they can handle.

For more information about Rademaker, visit: www.rademaker.com


Save engineering time required to complete the 3D model and drawing process


Integrate DriveWorks with SAP-PLM


  • 30% reduction in time during the standardization process
  • Reduced engineering time to less than 15 minutes for modular units
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