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Design 3D Printing

How to Elevate Design and Prototyping with 3D Printing

In this white paper learn how highly realistic 3D printed modeling benefits Consumer Product Design, Health Care and Education. Designers, educators and the medical community arguably share a common desire: to find better tools that…

Multi-material 3D printing

Exploring diverse applications for full-colour, multi-material 3D printing in Education

Download a white paper to discover educational applications for colour multi-material 3D printing including fine arts, design, science, and engineering.

3D printing education benefits

Shaping the Talent of Tomorrow with 3D Printing

Download the Stratasys White Paper to learn how professional 3D printers keep students engaged, provide essential industry learning, and are now even more affordable with special educational pricing.

3D Printing Education

How 3D Printing Transforms Real-World Design and Production Challenges into Learning

As manufacturing, making, and innovation converge in education, 3D printing is becoming more crucial to curriculums. Giving access to 3D printers enables students across disciplines to learn by making and creating rather than simply consuming content. Hands-on learning is an integral part of the curriculum, turning students into thinkers, designers and builders.

In-house 3D printer operation

Six Business Advantages to Owning an In-House 3D Printer

Many businesses outsource 3D printing because they believe ownership is cost prohibitive. In this white paper learn about six advantages of owning an in-house 3D printer.

SOLIDWORKS Educator with Student

SOLIDWORKS Education Curriculum

Educators play a vital role in developing the next generation of engineering and design innovators, and SOLIDWORKS wants to provide all the help they can. With the SOLIDWORKS Education Edition you get a complete CAD…