Rheem’s Journey: Implementing Aras PLM System

Rheem is currently in the process of implementing Aras Innovator at four of their North American divisions. Rheem made the decision not to incorporate an outside PDM software, rather utilize the capability within Aras Innovator.


The Challenge

Rheem’s existing system did not meet the growing needs for the Rheem family of brands. Rheem also required a new CAD system. The company opted to move forward with both PLM and CAD updates in tandem

The Criteria

  • Efficiency: Better way to design and model products in the CAD world
  • Ease of use: Connectivity with various ERP systems
  • Source of Truth: One system for multiple entry points for the same data
  • Global: Rheem operates on 5 continents

Why Rheem chose Aras Innovator

  • Configurable for various sites and their needs
  • Multi-CAD connections with plug-ins for various ERP systems
  • PDM within the PLM created cost efficiencies
  • Selection was made independently of the CAD system change
Featured Solution:

Aras Innovator

Aras Innovator® is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) web-based software solution to support companies that need to manage product development, multi-site manufacturing, supply chain operations and quality compliance.

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