3D Printing Post Processing Enhanced Resin Removal Solution for SLA

A revolutionary new solution for SLA resin removal as a part of its offering of automated and intelligent 3D printing / additive manufacturing (AM) post-print technologies.

Building on its existing portfolio of SLA removal technologies with an enhanced chemistry formulation, the groundbreaking PostProcess™ solution has been proven to deliver the fastest processing times on the market. Performing complete resin removal on 3D printed SLA parts consistently in 5 to 10 minutes, the system offers unmatched results in cleaning up to 5 times as many parts before detergent saturation versus traditional solvent resin removal.

The newly developed, patent-pending PostProcess SLA resin removal solution was validated in multiple production environments with 8 different resin materials. As a part of PostProcess’ comprehensive hardware, software, and chemistry approach, the solution utilizes patent-pending SVC (Submersed Vortex Cavitation) technology in the DEMI™ and CENTI™ machines and proprietary AUTOMAT3D™ software to achieve unprecedented processing times and end part consistency. Software automation enables hands-free cleaning, precision control of parameters, advanced process monitoring, and proactive maintenance management.

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