SOLIDWORKS 2019 What’s New Launch Broadcast

Watch a recording of our SOLIDWORKS 2019 Launch Broadcast

SOLIDWORKS 2019 is here! Watch a recording of Javelin’s team of Certified SOLIDWORKS experts unveil all the new capabilities that will help you go from design to finished products faster to beat your competitors to market and improve your bottom line. There’s never been a better time to upgrade!

SOLIDWORKS 2019 contains hundreds of new, user–driven enhancements:

  • Design to Manufacture – Go from concept to manufactured parts even faster
  • Modeling and Drawings – Powerful enhancements to improve your design and detailing experience
  • Performance – Faster large assembly design, rendering and collaboration
  • New Technology – Increased productivity when using the latest touch – enabled devices
  • Collaboration – Smart tools make it easier to collaborate with partners and suppliers

Featured Design:

The SOLIDWORKS 2019 demonstration will feature examples from the production models of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

  • A world-class, 3.6-meter optical/infrared telescope from an observatory atop the summit of Maunakea, a 4,200-meter dormant volcano located on the big island of Hawaii
  • FACT: Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope replaced its Autodesk Inventor 3D software with the SOLIDWORKS 3D development platform because SOLIDWORKS is easier and faster to use
Featured Solution:


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions enable you and your team to quickly transform new ideas into great products.

  • Quickly createvalidatecommunicate, and manage your entire product development process.
  • With Heads-up User Interaction, Instant 3D Modeling, intuitive display control functions, and customizable shortcut menus, you can keep clicks and mouse travel to a minimum.
  • Includes the validation tools you need to ensure that products will meet or exceed performance requirements before you 3D print your prototypes.

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