SOLIDWORKS 2021 Routing


Almost all products are now electrified. So how do electronics connect to mechanical sensors and transducers to wires, cables, and harnesses? SOLIDWORKS 2021 Electrical 3D Routing is keeping up with ever-challenging tasks by supporting Lines and Splines for the creation of complex Routing Paths. And the ability to anchor multiple wires to clips will save you lots of time as you tidy up your routes.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Routing includes:

  • Routing multiple wires through clips. When you want to use clips in a routing assembly, you can select multiple routes simultaneously. You can also define how the cable cores appear inside the clip.
  • Location of tables in flattened routes. When you generate a flattened route, the tables are inserted in specific locations. The location of tables in flattened routes has changed to position the tables more logically within the overall layout.
  • Selecting several routes for electrical attributes. In the Electrical Attributes Property Manager you can select one or more route segments or wires.
  • Keeping cable ends at correct pin locations. On the connector pins, The cable ends of the connector pins have the same position in the route and in the flattened route. Also, you can manually edit the individual fan-out in the flattened route, among others to assign the cable end to the correct pin.
  • Locking route segments. You can lock a route segment to preserve its properties when you update or modify other routes.
  • Hiding empty pin rows. You can hide unused pins in flattened routes.
  • Propagating termination type. The termination type of manufacturer parts handled in SOLIDWORKS Electrical propagates automatically to the connector properties. You can display this data in the BOM.
  • Additional properties available in the BOMs. You can display more properties that are assigned to connectors and wires in BOMs.
  • Splicing without components. You can use a splice without component. Splices without component do not appear in BOMs.
  • Excluding components and routes in flatten routes. When you apply the flatten route command, you can select portions of the route to not flatten.

Enhancements to route/edit through clip capability will help designers quickly secure wires or harnesses through clips using the new controls added in SOLIDWORKS Routing.

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