SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021


Whether you’re documenting assembly procedures, product installation guides, user facing safety and maintenance manuals, or part replacement catalogs, technical publications play a critical role in any product launch. And with SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021, creating this content has never been easier:

New in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021:

  • Users will notice a cleaner, more modern user interface when working in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021.
  • Loading improvements for SOLIDWORKS Composer. The loading process is improved for Composer documents such as .smg, .smgXML, .smgProj, and fully shattered files.
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer and SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync support the following higher versions of import formats:
    • ACIS up to R2020 1.0
    • Pro/E Creo 1.0 to 6.0
    • SOLIDWORKS 2006 to 2021
  • Additional support for configurations to be loaded into the composer project upon import. You can also delete empty groups at import. Using the IODeleteEmptyGroups advanced document property to specify that groups that would be empty in the assembly tree after import are removed during the import process.
  • You can control the visibility of hidden edges when you select or highlight elements. You can define the colour and intensity used to display hidden edges.
  • Highlighting of Invisible Actors. Invisible actors have their visibility turned off. You can specify to highlight them in the viewport when you select them in the Assembly tree or elsewhere.
  • You can save (default) document properties settings to a file that you can reuse as a template. Your colleagues can load this file in Composer to use the same (default) document properties.
  • The user interface in SOLIDWORKS Composer Player is modernized. You can dock, undock, move, resize, and auto hide panes.

Whether it’s creating 2D installation and assembly manuals, web based interactive content, or hosting 3D embedded instructions through the 3D experience, year after year SOLIDWORKS Composer brings the best tools for all of your technical publication needs.

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