Breaker Technology uses SOLIDWORKS to help manufacture Rock Breakers

Breaker Technology use SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation to help them manufacture and distribute a wide range of mine, quarry and demolition equipment for the construction industry. Specializing in hydraulic hammers, mobile rock breakers, stationary and portable rock breaker systems, construction and demolition attachments.

Also recognized for underground utility vehicles including mobile scalers, scissors lifts, crane trucks, lube trucks, anfo loaders, shotcrete mixers and placers, cassette systems and personnel vehicles.

Accepted as the industry standard, Breaker Technology Ltd., enjoys a reputation for engineering products with the most advanced technologies available. Domestic and international markets include customers in Canada, the U.S., Sweden, South America, Africa, UK and Scandinavia.


  • Upgrade to solid modeling
  • Improve quality of design
  • Speed up overall design time as well as reduce design costs
  • Reduce fabrication costs
  • Improve customer communication


  • Replaced Personal Designer (Autodesk) with SOLIDWORKS Professional for functionality, retrievability, ease of use, competitive price and ability to read/translate other CAD software
  • Purchased 14 SOLIDWORKS floating licenses
  • Also implemented SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Motion
  • Reduced product design process by approximately 25-30% using SOLIDWORKS (compared to other 3D solid modeling systems)
  • Efficiently handled large assemblies
  • Reduced design costs by approximately 25%
  • Substantially decreased the number of design errors
  • Reduced scrap costs by 20%
  • Improved quality of design with software’s engineering analysis features and enhanced capability for checking mistakes
  • Also improved product esthetics
  • Significantly benefited from SOLIDWORKS’ ability to read/understand other CAD software
  • Optimized product development process using SOLIDWORKS Motion
  • Aided in reducing fabrication costs by 20-25% using SOLIDWORKS Motion
  • Improved internal/external communications with SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Professional

Customer Details

"Ensuring the safety of our products is paramount. Utilizing SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA gives us more control and the assurance of the integral strength and safety of our products."

— Brad Toole, Engineering Manager, Breaker Technology Ltd.

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