What’s new for the SOLIDWORKS Education Program

In today’s competitive job market, CAD professionals don’t just design—they simulate, innovate, visualize, and communicate—to advance new ideas and their careers.

The SOLIDWORKS® Education Program provides powerful, engaging, hands-on software to understand and develop designs for the real world. The integrated 3D software, curriculum, and lessons make design development easy to learn, easy to teach, and exciting to use.

This on-demand webinar focuses on what’s new for the SOLIDWORKS Education program including new tools for students to design in 3D, run simulations, create electrical designs, and generate technical communications. Plus we’ll introduce you to the new MySolidWorks learning tutorials and certifications available for educators and students.

Watch the SOLIDWORKS Education Program webinar below:

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SOLIDWORKS Education Program

The SOLIDWORKS Education Program offers an extensive suite of proven tools—engineering design, mechanical and flow simulation, sustainable design, electrical, documentation, visualization—in one, integrated, easy-to-learn software package.

  • For Educators – Enhance student learning with tailored curriculums and study aids
  • For Students – See how SOLIDWORKS speeds up design projects
  • For Researchers – Rely on SOLIDWORKS to accelerate discovery and new levels of performance

With SOLIDWORKS Education Program, you have access to 3D development tools used by millions of engineering and design professionals around the world. SOLIDWORKS helps engineers and designers in any industry meet the demand to create innovative, high quality products—in less time and at lower cost.

  • Conceptualize detailed designs
  • Document designs and parts lists with precision
  • Run design analysis and verification
  • Create dynamic technical illustrations and visualizations for project presentation
  • Use product data management to track project files
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