FEA Misconceptions can prove costly to Manufacturers

Easier-to-use, CAD-integrated simulation tools save time & money

Why your product designs need Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Some product development and manufacturing organizations view finite element analysis (FEA) technology as an afterthought and consider using FEA software only after product failures.

Many designers and engineers have the misperception that FEA packages and simulation tools in general are too difficult to use, requiring a Ph.D.-level education, taking up too much time, and adding little benefit except for finding out why something broke after the fact.

These views are extremely short sighted and misconceived in today’s increasingly smart, automated, and agile product development and manufacturing environment. Today’s simulation tools enable designers and engineers to do a better job—and grow professionally—and allow manufacturing organizations to achieve the innovation, agility, productivity, flexibility, and increased profit margins that fuel and sustain business growth.

Design Confidence with FEA

  • Learn how you can use SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA to zero in on the best design by examining static strength between a single and double web mounting bracket.
  • Learn how to run the virtual simulation like a real-world test.
  • Determine the results that SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides.
  • See how to get test results fast.

Vibration Analysis

  • Learn how SOLIDWORKS Simulation uses methods such as harmonic, spectrum response, and time based loading, to validate your design’s response to vibration and provide results like stress, deflection, velocity, and acceleration.
  • Results can be easily interrogated and you can view results over time or find the worst case condition.
  • Verify your designs before they are built.

Validating Connectors

  • Learn how using SOLIDWORKS Simulation to find answers to common, but challenging design scenarios, such as connectors, welds, and fatigue, gives you extra time to focus on critical elements of your design and helps ensure your design is right the first time.
  • Modeling connectors is not required, they can be added virtually to your design.
  • SOLIDWORKS will provide you with required weld sizes to prevent failure saving you the trouble of running calculations.

Get answers to your FEA questions

Boost your confidence and productivity with integrated simulation tools.

Simulation Questions

Alleviate your FEA doubts

This paper will address the doubts that manufacturers have about FEA, including:

  • How accurate do analyses need to be? Should they always be as precise as possible?
  • What effect does simulation have on prototyping? Does it eliminate it? Lower it?
  • Do analysis results take the place of experience in decision-making?
  • Where else in development can simulation be used? Is it only for verification and validation?

The role of analysis in product development has changed and expanded. There are entirely new parts of the development process during which it can provide value.

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